May 13, 2013

Tsiknaris Hair Experience @ New Farm, Brisbane


Many a times I go to a hairdresser and they just asked what I want to do to my hair. Uhm, yeah, I’m not sure… something that can accentuates my good sides and compliments my features and well… something I can manage at home too? Have you ever had that moment when you panic because you just didn’t know what to do or what to say or how to even express what you should do to your hair? You’ve had this hair for way too long and it is just a tad boring. Time for a change… yeah, I had that moment. At a no better time, I was introduced to the Tsiknaris hair salon at New Farm on Brunswick St.
The salon at New Farm, Brisbane

Bill Tsiknaris, the Tsiknaris’ Creative Director, has recently won the Australian Hair Fashion Awards (AHFA) Queensland Hairdresser of the Year 2013.

To add to that, his brothers Dimitri and Chris are both finalists as well. Gosh, can I just say, that talent runs in this family!
So what did I do to my hair?! Keep reading :)
Tsiknaris Hair 2May1

First we assessed my hair. I decided to go for a change and Chris is just the person to talk to about THAT change! He suggested some highlights, subtle yet effective and will give more dimension to my… flat hair.

Tsiknaris Hair 2May2

Tsiknaris Hair 2May3
Looking as though I just came out of Prometheus (sci fi minded)

As you can see from the photos here, Chris picked specific hair sections and foiled them accordingly. Let the truth comes out now, this was my very first time foiling my hair. I had my doubts but I trusted the brothers with my hair that day.
Tsiknaris Hair 2May4

The rinsing off part was scary… I mean, just take a look at the… orange strands of hair! Good God! No! But worry not, because “toner” had not been applied yet and you totally totally need the toner application. You’ll see why…later on.
After that sleep-inducing head massage… oh you know which one I am talking about. I love a good head massage, especially when one is getting the hair washed at the same time. Aah… bliss.

So yeah, after that relaxing hair/head wash, I came back to the chair and now it is Bill’s turn to do my hair. It is time for cut and style.
Tsiknaris Hair 2May5

My hair was in such a too-long of a state that we had to stand up to cut the ends off! I loved how I could roughly tell him what I like and how I like to style my hair… and he would just get it. He understands hair as if they talk to each other. At this stage I was really just curious as to how it would all turn out. Won’t you be?

Bill did initially ask me if I wanted a fringe but he suggested not to, because of the angles of my face features and my hair type. Interestingly enough, I have always wanted to do a no fringe look! Told you he reads hair!

If you’re curious, my face is a mix of square face and something else rather. Perhaps round-ish and Bill suggested to leave the fringe out to open up my face more and not squash it even more.
The aftermath of my hair…
Bye Bye Hair!
Tip: For my flat long hair, Bill suggested the inverted layering where he goes from the inside of the hair outwards. This will give it volume without thinning it out too much and would not weigh down the entire hair. This is where skills and experience come to play very importantly. The hairdresser must know where to start the layer, it cannot be too close to the scalp or too far out. He/she just gotta know it. And Bill knows it all too well! Apparently, this type of long hair layering is more American kinda style. It is fascinating to know that each country has their own ‘hair style’.
Here comes the styling…
1/ Alterna Bamboo Volume Weightless Whipped Mousse
22276_VolumeWeightlessWhippedMousse170gUse about a golf ball size or more depending on hair length. Use this on damp hair.
Scrunch and spread it on the hair.
You can use a Tangle Teezer to allow an even spreading and to detangle at the same time.
2/ Mist the back and sides of the hair with some Alterna Bamboo Boho Waves Tousled Texture Mist
This would help with creating the Boho Waves Tousled Textured look we are going after. For example…
You get the idea :)

3/ Blow dry in sections. Make sure the entire hair is dry.

4/ Use a curling or flat iron, work the hair towards the face on both sides. Leave the ends uncurled out of the iron, this will create a less formal effect.
You can also continue misting the hair with the Boho Waves Spray.
5/ Note: just for the strands nearest to your temples and face, work the hair outwards from the face.

6/ When it is done, blast the roots with

Bamboo Volume Uplifting Root Blast

7/ Use a wide tooth comb to rake through the hair to give it more body and life
And just on the front sections of my hair where it might tend to droop, Bill sprinkled some of this

Texturizing Body Boost Powder

Which was amazing, as by the end of it all, I did not even need a pinch of hair spray in my hair and it held up!
Say, what?! That’s revolutionary!

My hair is one of those that I thought I would need a chockablock of hairspray to hold it in place. Not when Bill handles it.
Are we all curious to see the final result?
Tsiknaris Hair 2May


A mandatory photo with the hair whisperers

and a huge Thank You to the Tsiknaris Hair team for the opportunity
and experience the best hair I ever have!

Highly and truly recommended!

I now know who to turn to… to handle my graduation hair do *big grin*


See them in person and experience it for yourself @

Tsiknaris Hair
669 Brunswick St
New Farm Qld 4005

(07) 3358 5588

Credit: Thank you to Kylie who came along and kindly helped me with taking these photos. I couldn’t have done it without you! Kylie even said how she had never seen that much volume in my hair! That says a lot!


Selina said...

Tsiknaris Hair is my favourite salon and very happy to see you loved the experience just as much as me.

robyn said...

Tsiknaris Hair is one of the best experience I have had for ages - Bill cut my hair and it looked fantastic and Chris coloured it - never had so many comments and it is so easy to control - all I do is just wash and leave it and it just falls into its style if I want it straight hair I just blow wave it which does not take long.