May 23, 2013

Let’s Talk BB Cream: Skin Physics Instant Age Reset BB Plus 7 in 1 Complexion Correction Balm with Renovage SPF 15 in “Medium”

If this is not the longest BB Cream name ever. 

Thank goodness that’s the only thing I have against this product. Surprised? Even I am!

Packaging reminiscent of Missha BB Cream, no?
If you have followed me over the years, I have tried a fair share of BB Creams even before it reached the Australian market. Despite originating from Germany, the majority of them came from Korea. Moving on years later, Chanel, Bobbi Brown, Dior, Lancome, MAC, Garnier, L'Oreal, Revlon, Maybelline, etcetera... all the luxury and drugstore brands, you can think of out there, are churning out their own versions of BB or CC Creams. Did I get sucked into all that? To be brutally honest, no. I have tried them and did not like them. The end.

Now here’s my thoughts on the Skin Physics BB Cream.
At the start of last month, this red tube waved at me to be tested. I squirmed and squinted at the sight of it. Sceptical. You see, how can one claim such “instant age reset”, “7 in 1”, “complexion correction” and also doing all the “concealer, primer, foundation” ya da ya da ya da… So just forget all that and I just had one thing in mind. How does it react on my skin?


My queries are these:-
Can the product blend effortlessly with easy application such as my mere fingers?
Does it feel thick or greasy?
Does it clog my pores or make them even worse, bigger?
Is it drying?
Is it hydrating enough without overdoing it?
Does it at least even out the skin tone without masking it?
Am I asking too much from a tinted cream?
Mind you, I am not substituting anything with this red tube. I am not in any way substituting my sunscreen. This product is not a substitute. Yet it is a keeper. At least for me it is a pass. Why?

What I found:-
  • Evens out the skin tone without masking the skin, enabling my skin to still breathe through 
  • Does not feel thick, it feels like tinted moisturiser with extra slip or grip but not sticky 
  • It is not drying nor is it oily, but for those oily gals, you might want to powder this down but that defeats the purpose and so I just don’t really recommend this for the oily skin… 
  • It is hydrating enough. Not overly matte. The combination/normal gals would be okay with this 
  • It blends almost to an invisible finish just by using my fingers. Thankfully the shade matches my skin – this is a pleasant surprise, as most BB’s do not match me 
  • Best if you already have relatively good skin and just want to even out on days you don’t feel like wearing a full makeup 
  • Coverage won’t do if you need the strength of concealer or a full coverage foundation, this would not cover all that 
  • This actually works alright as a primer for me, preferably daytime because of its SPF 
  • It has a tinge of pink undertone to it (against my skin anyway but I think it’s more neutralising) and I normally do not like that but as this is sheer it just gives me that “I’ve been out in the sun so it’s okay if I flush a little” kind of look. :) *smiles*

Honestly though, I think companies should not claim too much on one product. 7 in 1? C’mon now. Despite that, as aforementioned, putting all those claims aside. This is a nice lightweight tinted cream that evens out the skin tone.

Normal to combination skin girls would enjoy this. I find that it also gives you that healthy glow to the skin lit from within kind of thing. If you’re into that look.

Definitely try and see if the shade matches you, because I particularly like how it matches me! I’m around MAC NC25-30 / NARS Punjab and I can get away with the Medium shade. While you can see the Fair shade in action here at Beautyholics Anonymous – BB Creamology.

    • Coverage: Light
    • Texture: Light, whipped gel-like
    • Finish: Dewy
    • Shades: Fair, Medium and Dark
    • Price: AU$39
    • Available in Myer, Priceline, selected pharmacies and online
    • Experience overall: Pleasant :)

Disclaimer: The product was provided for review consideration.

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