July 11, 2011

POTD Sushi Train

This is my kind of sushi.. Sashimi.. Aburi kinds.. :) I know while people across me get spring rolls and calamari rings.. Well.. No comment.

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Label me Addict said...

oh my! love SUSHI i mean who doesn't?!

oh we have FACESHOP in singapore too!
they are normally right beside BODYSHOP. haha anyways thought maybe we should follow each other? what do you think...



.blushfully. said...

LOL =) I got my Face Shop when I was back in Singapore hehehe
And I'm already following you!! =) Love sushi yeah!!

Lisa said...

OMMMMMGMGGGGGGG your sushi looks SO GOOD!! i'm so jealous.. on nom nom nom.

Miss Independent said...

i love sushi!!! they're my fav!

cominica-ai said...

I love sushi too and sashimi of course~~ :D