July 8, 2011

Just Sharing: Spot Cleaning My Brushes

How’s everyone been? Can’t believe it’s already the weekend – yay!

Well, since I use my makeup brushes every single day, it’s good to spot clean them especially because you know there would be some leftover deposit of color or product from the previous application. Some may be okay, but if say you’re trying to put on a highlighter and there was a black eyeshadow on that brush – wouldn’t that be something! Hah!

So here I take you with me… while I spot clean my brushes… just a quick video to share what I do… and a little ramble I suppose… just because I ‘d like to communicate with y’all :)


Rainy Days and Lattes said...

I use the paper towel method as well! I hardly spot clean but I think I'm gonna do it tonight! lol

t said...

nice outfit!


.blushfully. said...

Rainy Days and Latte: =) I don't always do it but been doing it way more lately

t: Thanksss girl!!

Yolanda said...

You know, when I watched this late on Friday night I was motivated to get my Isocol and spot clean my brushes :D lol

.blushfully. said...

Yolanda: YAY! Glad to be of a motivation ;)

Got_Takoyaki said...

Long time no see! XD I clean my brushes every night and I don't get break outs anymore! :O