July 5, 2011

Are you wearing Falsies? Why, I Am!

I recently replaced my mascara and decided to try out the new Black Drama by Maybelline… and if you think this looks like The Falsies – indeed it’s an extension of that. It’s called The Falsies Black Drama!

Fyi, my lashes are the typical poker straight Asian lashes. However, apart from that little flaw, I actually like my lashes… a lot. They just need the extra eyelash curler tweaking and mascara and I’m happy. Of course if you are after a more dramatic, more visible lashes effect… I’d say go for actual false lashes… However, as you could probably guess by now… the ‘falsies’ in the title actually refers to Maybelline The Falsies mascara. I have this in Black Drama waterproof. Always waterproof to keep my curls lasts!!

What’s a review with no photos to prove… right?


As you can see… they’re there… but I look… not so awake…



=) And that was just 1 coat! Imagine if I go all out with several coats!

Maybelline Falsies Black Drama

I think you would be able to tell from the above picture… what difference a mascara makes. If you guess that the eye on the left (my right) is the one with the mascara - spot on!!

Apology for the cross-eyed looks… I tried to focus on the lens and now I look retarded. Oh well… at least you can see how the lashes are like! And if you're wondering what eyebrow product I was using here, I had used Guerlain Eyebrow Definition Pencil in Brun (03) and topped it with Benefit Brow Gel.


They’re now available at your local chemist, pharmacy, Priceline, anywhere that sells Maybelline. At the moment, they’re AUD$11.99 at Chemist Warehouse!

What’s your mascara of the moment?


Disclaimer: I purchased the product with my own money.


Priyanka said...

hence the name lol, they really do lengthen,looks good:).I have been into layering my mascara recently using Rimmels lash accelerator and Benefits BadGal..loving the effect:)

Adeline said...

I just bought it 2 weeks ago and I really love it!!!! <3
Unfortunately the one I got wasn't waterproof so I can't wear them everyday. :(