May 23, 2010

TAG: 50 things...

I just saw this at STYLE.SUZI blog and thought I do one... yeah, right now, at this 15minutes to 3 in the morning...

Let's GO! (Warning: this is gonna be random)

1. I'm getting hungry, stomach is complaining, rumble rumble grumble
2. I have to wake up in O_O **** I just realised!! In 3 hours!!! Crap!!
3. So nervous right now... going for Qatar Recruitment Open Day at 9am sharp today, Sunday 23rd May
4. Realised that I'm definitely not a mad scientist and not gonna be a sexy obstetrician/gynaecologist/dermatologist
5. Horses are majestic, and Arabs are beautiful ... then you get those like Fallabellas haha
6. I prefer Guinea Pigs than Hamsters, Dwarf Rabbits and Chinchillas than Hamsters or Rats.. oh Gosh no, not rats...
7. I've had pets (dogs + others) since I was born. The only times I did not have pets (they were overseas, not in the same countries) were the years 2000-2009... since my sister recently got a puppy...
8. Australia is the 3rd country I live in
9. I still call Singapore home
10. I also still miss Indonesia, but somehow I miss Singapore more sometimes
11. I'm big on sunscreens
12. I'm new to makeup, hence only started to collect essentials for long run...
13. I'd love to venture or explore deeper into fashion designing
14. I started training in piano and swimming when I was 3 years old
15. Did you know that piano is a strings instrument?? Just like guitars, viola, guzheng, koto, cello, etc...?
16. I like steamed buns, xiao long bao and dim sum (yum cha)
17. I drink tea, a lot... but I also drink hot mocha...
18. I want to travel to: Tuscany, Greece, Paris, New York, China, all over Indonesia, Thailand, Germany, Dubai, all over the place...
19. I also first rode a horse when I was 3
20. I have a fascination with moon and star gazing and the constellations even though I don't remember them...
21. Sweet 21, the year I first tasted Mojito, and I like it
22. I am 22 now
23. April 21 (my birthday) is the same birthday as an Indonesian National Heroine by the name Kartini. Look her up, she's quite a pioneer in female education in Indonesia. The whole country celebrates her birthday (on my birthday!! hahaha )
24. Baby animals, cute soft plushies/stuffed toys... aaahhh ^^ I like
25. If you ask me where I'm from... well, what do you mean??? I live in Australia for now, I came from Singapore before here, but I was born in Indonesia. Am I Indonesian?? Yes, and no... Because my families came from China. LOL I'm Chinese... Indonesian.
26. I want to own resorts in places like Bali someday...
27. I want to learn to understand that having no money is the root of all evil; instead of money is the root of all evil; to learn to make money from money and not be slaves for money
28. The happiness is behind that mountain, now I have to get all my strengths to go through or around or over that mountain
29. This is getting long... I thought 50 would be better than 100, but omg I'm not even halfway...
30. I had learnt Tai Chi and Wu Shu when I was younger... just at primary school, but nothing serious or competitive
31. I want to be a songwriter, a fashion designer, and a reviewer, and want to have experience in flight attendant
32. 23 used to be my favourite number, it still is, among other numbers such as 7, 8, and 21
33. My eyes are getting sore I should really sleep... and each time I think of the word sleep I think of Romeo and Juliet when they had to part and said... parting is such sweet sorrow...
34. I like how Winter brings out the fashion in people... some people...
35. I'm yet to have a favourite black bag...
36. I like languages... I want to practice my Korean and Japanese and further my knowledge in Javanese... and German. I also would not mind learning Arab, Italy and I really need to learn Mandarin.
37. I like hash browns... I have such soft spot for hashies ;)
38. I'm a night person... I tend to sleep in rather than sleep early
39. I quite enjoy airplane food, what's the big fuss complaining about how yucky they are?
40. Oh Gosh, I can't imagine how I'd be like when I'm 40... happily married with houses in different countries maybe?? And an art gallery under my name??
41. I want to meet some of my fellow bloggers someday
42. Hopefully when the internet is settled and new laptop is present... I can start having my own youtube channel...
43. I play my own piano songs
44. Regrets are existent because I look back and reflect on how I should have approach them better in different ways... so one has to learn.
45. What's with boys making you fall and they're not there to catch you when you fall?? Relationships are not meant to be forced, when it happens, it's mutual and when that happens, you should be each other's support, not burden.
46. I'm so naughty I'm still awake at this hour when I have to get up later... I might have to dose up ... extra shot of coffee in my mocha later
47. I just recently purchased MAC Fast Response Eye Treatment Cream... I hope it works, cause if not, I just wasted AUD$49.50!! >< (it normally costs AUD$55 but I got a discount)
48. I'm waiting for the moment when reality is better than my dreams so I that I want to be awake rather than asleep
49. What's a beauty blog without a tinge of beauty products rant... I'm loving foundations, eyeliners and blushes, and brushes...
50. Finally 50... and I should really just go to sleep. Let's wish upon the stars, may the wish comes true!


I miss 'ban mian' ... those of you in Singapore would know this!!!!

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Anonymous said...

I love horses toooooo!!! (>_<) I haven't gone riding in a few years tho :( When I was a kid, my friends and I used to go bareback riding in the orchard behind her house. lol. Those were the fun times...*sigh*

50 randoms!! Omg! I gotta do this! lol