May 3, 2010

A Piece Of Me... May 2010

This game started with Shirley the Toothfairy
Jump on the bandwagon and start!

This month....

I like: that I've started to like this big fluffy ginger cat, he roams around near the train station... Hahaha, I want one just like him! So fluffy! He's quite friendly too!
I also like how it's Autumn-Winter weather... and it's going to be end of Autumn soon, cold season is time for scarfs, boots, and cardigans and beanies! Yeah!
Image taken from winterfashion09
I like the style... ...

I don't like:
smudging mascaras, smudging eyeliners, eyeshadow creasing, foundations caking, laptop dying ==
Image taken from iscute
"OH!!" the cat gasps

I want you to know: that there are many things in life I still want to do... travelling is one...

I've planned: to get a MACbook Pro 15"

I want to say to someone special: whoever you will be, wherever you are now, I'm here waiting for our worlds to collide.

Now, your turn!


Tammy said...

I love MACs! You will luuuuurrrrveee it hahahah I hate smduging eye makeup too, raccoon eyes are not the way to go :(

I think my mom only wore lipstick, everything else I kind of just led myself into because I love getting dressed up and making myself pretty hehehe
I started out with the Shiseido curler too but I switched to Shu Uemura after I got it as a gift. I think the two are almost identical except that the pad on the Shu curler is harder

Tammy said...

Oh and the lippie is Strawberry from Joe Fresh Cosmetics--but be warned! It's much brighter in person...Blogger mutes the colours for some reason :(