May 2, 2010

Hourglass is Love

at least to me, it is... :)

Yesterday I went to MECCA Cosmetica Hourglass Event, with Michael Pierce making an appearance like a burst of champagne bubbles. He really was like champagne bubbles! That energy, that passion, the knowledge, the people he's met and he knows of, it's amazing, and I feel I could learn a lot from him.

The 12.15 appointment I was meant to start with, started late. I ended up finishing at around 2pm ish!!

To cut story short, since this will be quite a photos-filled long post... it was not just him doing the makeup application. Each of us has a Mecca girl to prep our skins and to do what and how Michael wanted the makeup done on us. Mine, her name is Lisa, and she is a real doll!! It was fun working with her and I can see myself recommending her if any of my friends or I want to have a makeup application some time in the future. Getting back to the application, Michael would then touch up or do some specific ones, such as tightlining the eyes, and demonstrating the awesome Calligraphy Eye Liner, and to have the finishing touches.

When he asked me about Hourglass, of course I could not resist saying I do have several of the products already. He was surprised, but pleased at the same time. I mean, when one sees how much I've got my eyes on the brand...

He said I'm well informed, and I know what I want, that sort of thing. Hahaha... hey, I did say I'm open for suggestions and kind of let them do what they wanted to do, in exception when they asked for my opinion and if I didn't quite "feel" it, you know? Or if it's not really "me" style? Hahaha...
Such as when... ah, I'll tell you about it later.

Anyway, we started off with the eyes... Michael kept saying he wanted to do something FUN! for my eyes and I said go ahead and do whatever you like ... :)

4 of the eyeshadow duo have been depotted and placed onto this empty pan.
From left: Exhibition, Gypsy, Dune, Suede

Before I forget to mention, I did say specifically in the beginning to not tan me up too much, I'm more of a fresh look... fresh, bright, natural, radiant look with cheeks that glow and pop. Both Lisa and Michael looked at me as though I was the only person who has ever said that to them. Hahaha! Interesting! I was the only Asian there, actually, at those few hours I was there...

Alright, so we start with the eyes...
Base: Hidden Concealer in 'Pearl' + Eyeshadow Duo in 'Gypsy' (light shade) all the way to the brow bone
Lid: Apply the light lilac shade all over lid - from the eyeshadow duo 'Exhibition'
Socket: Lightly feathered outer corner, the dark purple from 'Exhibition'
Lash Line (upper): 'Exhibition' dark purple foiled/wet in the inner rim and top it off with Calligraphy Liquid Eye Liner
Lash Line (lower): 'Exhibition' light lilac just below the waterline and Calligraphy Liquid eye liner
Mascara: Superficial Lash in Carbon

Michael asked me first if I curl my lashes, I said, "yes! of course :)"
Then he asked what brand I use, do I use the Kevyn Aucoin one... I said, "no... == I use Shiseido"
In the end, he used Shu Uemura's. -inserts JOKE-He said Kevyn is out of business... -well Kevyn Aucoin isn't available in Mecca Cosmetica anymore... or at least not in Brisbane. -I must say, I've been wanting to try Kevyn Aucoin products but hard to get, especially here in Australia.

Then he applied mascara and he said that you can apply as many coats you want and they won't flake or smudge, and 6 hours later you can reapply how many more coats you want and it's (start mechanical voice) "paraben-free, talc-free, fragrance-free, sulphates-free, etc etc" and then he kept saying (not a direct quote, but something along the line of) "gosh look at your lashes! you have a lot of lashes!! a lot of lashes!!" Hahaha, he's so cute.

The mascara description:
Superficial Lash Mascara is a rich, hydrating mascara designed to provide volume and color while preventing brittleness and breakage. Vitamin E seals in moisture, conditions the lashes and neutralizes free radicals, resulting in a healthier finish. Deep, slick pigment wraps each lash to lengthen, volumize and heighten, resulting in a more beautiful lash line. The slim spoolie ensures sleek, clump-free application.

Gosh I love this mascara, but I still have mine to go through, so I'll keep this in mind for next purchase. :) Why do I love it? It does comes off in sort of tubes, it doesn't flake or smudge or make a messy blob on your lashes, it also seems to actually nourish your lashes because I couldn't help touching my lashes, they were so soft and feathery and has volume! It has an oomph! to it. Hehehe... The only set back is the price, but hey, for the love of beauty and the amount of time and money spent on trying to find products that work to actually knowing this brand works for me? That's priceless!

Moving on to

Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer with SPF15 was applied all over my face using hands, massage it right through all over my face. Then apply Veil Fluid Foundation in No. 2 ... with No.2 Brush.
Madonna wears No. 1.5, Angelina Jolie wears No. 3 (If I remember correctly), Julianne Moore wears No. 2, and I didn't remember the rest of the names he mentioned :( But yeah he mentioned Angelina Jolie and Madonna... oh and Gina Brooks, ah amazing.

Theeeennnnn... Lisa did my lips, lining it with Trace Refillable Lipliner in 'Secret', in which I shall show you what it looks like...
It looks scarily dark here, but it surprisingly blended in pretty well with my lips (my lips is quite pigmented...) It would go with anything =) Annnddd I have a confession to make: "this is officially my first lip liner that I purchase, I never thought I would have the need of one until only recently" Hahaha!

And oh, I know what I forgot now, photo of the Prodigy lipglosses, but not to worry, they're in the website
At first, Michael wanted 'Legend' on me, and after Lisa applied it, I said it's ok if I go out at night or something but I wouldn't wear it everyday basis and Lisa asked whether I would like something more toned down, and yeah so we went ahead with 'Surreal' and Michael applied 'Opium' as well, which I love.

He then, this was done before powder, showed me the upcoming product that is going to be available in a month's time here in Australia. It's the blush/bronzer creme-to-powder duo...

He simply applied the bronzer as contour (with his fingers! and blend) and applied the blush on top of it all around to the apple of my cheeks. Note: This product is coming out in Australia in 1 month's time.

Then he topped it off with the Oxygen Mineral Powder No. 1.

I asked him about the invisible loose powder and he said he would not use it all over my face, he'd use it on super oily skins, and on eyes and lips, but not on my face. So from that advice, I did not end up going home with a product I won't be using... haha yeah I did not get the invisible powder, I mean if I can get away without it, why not. In times will come when I need it, then yeah.

Here is a shot of the notes, noted by Lisa:
After much debate on which products I should get, I was debating between the Calligraphy Liquid Liner or the eyeshadow duo, and gosh I love the mascara but it's totally out of the question right now but is now in my To Get List ... Hahaha! The lipglosses were cute too, but down to the To Get List, baby! Not getting them all right now! I'm gonna be broke! Hahaha...

In the end... let's open the goodies!!

Doo doo dooo...
Ta Da!!
Eyeshadow Duo in Exhibition
(I haven't bought any eyeshadow in such a long long time!)
The photo does not do it justice. The colours are amazing, especially the dark purple. These eyeshadows are jet-milled! (super duper fine milled! no chunky glitters fall outs ^^ )

Refillable Lipliner in Secret
And here... finally some photos to speak for themselves.
It's soft yet speaks out It's gentle yet strong It's defined yet blended It's subtle but pops!
Oh, look at my lashes! Thanks to Hourglass Superficial Lash Mascara!!
(Note: no false eyelashes were used in this photo, the lashes you see are my own)

The Blush/Bronzer Creme-to-Powder Duo on my cheeks
Hidden Concealer 'Pearl' as highlighter
What do you think!?

And last, but not least, a bit of the top outfit of the day
I'm just wearing dark denim shorts with long black socks and just below knee high black boots with a little heel... at the bottom.

Aaanddd... last but not least (for the 2nd time)
with Lisa (the Makeup Artist Girl from Mecca Cosmetica who did excellent job following Michael Pierce's instructions applying makeup on me hehehe...)

And with Michael Pierce himself!
He was so cute, just when I said Photo Time! He darted to the mirror and started applying bronzer on his cheeks and touch up on his face! He could even do his foundation without even looking at the mirror! Wow!
Look him up at the
La Perla Fashion Show... the models look GORRR to the GEOUS!!

So, here are some tips I learnt:
1) The Hidden Concealer can be used as eyeshadow base, and highlighters

2) Eyeshadow Duo darker shade could be used to tightline your eyes! You don't even need the eyeliner to do this. Just wet your brush, dip it in the pan and off you go! Wah la!

3) Apply Bronzer first, then Blush and even if you overdo it a bit, no worries, you can always 'erase' it or soften it out with the Concealer or the Powder. The Powder will tend to tone down the blush anyway.

4) Using No. 2 brush, dip it to a tiny amount of the foundation that you have squeezed out to the back of your hand, and start from the apple of your cheek and work it! work it! work it! swirl swirl swirl! (This confirms my technique on foundation application using No. 2 Brush YAY!)

Alright, wow, that's a long post, I hope that wasn't too eye-straining...
I had so much fun! I'm looking forward for more Hourglass products.
For once this might just be the cosmetics brand I honestly believe in and will be using long term.

Thanks for reading! Don't forget to comment below and I'll catch you all soon later!


yzhuhuong said...

looking very very good! i'm so gonna check it out :P i have so many stuff i wanna buy from NARS already!

Istvan said...

just an FYI, Kevyn Aucoin is not out of business, they're still up and running!

BB Girl said...

Thank you - you're a gem. Cheers!