June 26, 2013

Surprisingly Loving: Illamasqua Skin Base Au


I’d be honest with you, I did not know what to do with this when it was released last year. I know it has been awhile, and my apologies for that, but it took me long enough to finally fell head over heels in love with this and now I won’t let it out of my sight. That’s when it is time to blog and rave and shout to the world about it! Yeah, you know me. When I love it, I love it. Period.

It has become my current best day time, or any time for that matter, natural-looking contouring product. At least to give some dimensions to my spacious cheeks. I need not heavy contouring unless I know there would be photography and filming involved. Despite its fine particle of shimmer content, it does not translate shimmery on the face. No glitter bomb effect, thank you.


This is considered as one of their foundation but I cannot see myself using this as an all over colour. Perhaps on those who fake tan or have naturally very tanned skin?



As shown in the above photos, the texture is creamy and fluid. However you need to work with it fairly fast, blend it right away before it sets. I like using a buffing brush type, such as the Hourglass No. 2 brush. Mind you, I can even do it with my fingers although it may take slightly harder and trickier to do that. Brush with this is faster, in my opinion, and smoother more even finish.

You may seem to worry of its undertone, you shall see later that it is of no worry at all! At first I was, too, but after trialing it several times… oh you will see what I mean…





Seeeee…!!! Just to show you how undetectable it is on my face. Worn with minimal makeup, it just gives the subtlest youthful look I am always on a quest for. Totally keeping it in my good books, folks!!

Available online and perhaps still in store?

Kind of on an Illamasqua kick again, that Hydra Veil is calling me, perhaps another trip to the store one of these days to check it out? What say you?


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Yoannita L said...

i never tried any liquid bronze typed. but this is sounds very interesting to try and you look like you have no makeup on and bronze stay on naturally :) pretty!