June 6, 2013

My Lips but Better… With Simplicité Angelica Lip Care Balm

Like you, I have tried hundreds of lip balms, lip conditioners, all kinds of lip care products out there. One is too oily, one is too gooey. One might be just sticky that you starts to lick your hair. One stings, one creates even more cracks. One just sits there on the lips and that uncomfortable layer leaves another layer that will then be too hard to get rid of. Yuck. I have had peeling, cracking, bleeding lips. None of the products have had long-lasting enough effect to make me feel that great about my lips. Who does? When you can literally taste the salty flavour of your own bittersweet blood.

Was that enough depiction of what my lip’s life had been? Now I present to you… my saviour.


Shown with another of my essential skincare (worth another story on its own), keep reading to find out more!

Soothing remedy for lips damaged by harsh weather conditions (contains sunscreen)

Beneficial for all skin types and ages.

Soothes lips cracked by the wind and sun, protects from further damage.

Reduces the appearance of fine lines.

Contains hydrophyllic compounds to lock in moisture

Application: Twice daily for normal sun and winter protection – more frequently if treating a breakout condition, or chapped, cracked lips. Beneficial results for ‘cold sores’ – apply thickly over affected area, don’t rub in.

Ingredients: rice bran, hazelnut, avocado, rosehip oil, evening primrose, echinacea, angelica with Australian Bush Flowers, mulla mulla, spinifex, flannel flower


rice bran – contains several forms of antioxidant vitamin E and trace nutrients including magnesium, manganese, calcium, phosphorus to name a few. Vitamin A carotenoids are also found in rice bran. Also contains essential amino acids along with phospholipids, which are important in maintaining healthy cell membranes. When taken as part of your diet, it also improves your HDL/LDL ratio, meaning healthier heart and lower cholesterol. More on that another time, ey, if you’re interested.

hazelnut – contains antioxidant and plant liposomes. It reduces the appearance of sun damage and minimises the signs of early ageing

avocado – nutrient rich, and provides high levels of vitamins A & D. Also provides deep hydration while improving the texture and elasticity of parched, damaged skin. Also supports healthy hair and scalp (when included in other products targeted towards those body parts)

rosehip oil – rich in essential fatty acids, high in Gamma Linoleic Acid (GLA). The most valuable amount you want is somewhere around 30-40%. 32% is used. This oil is also rich in vitamin C, an excellent antioxidant. It is used to treat all kinds of skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, stretch marks, scars, hyperpigmentation, age spots, brittle nails, wounds and burns.

evening primrose – is a source of essential nutrients. It promotes elasticity and protects against premature ageing and enhances the texture of the skin.

echinacea – inhibits the spread of bacteria through cell walls. It firms the top layer of the skin.

angelica – firms and tones the skin, provides relief from the symptoms of cold sores

mulla mulla – a flower essence that calms uncomfortable sensations, improves moisture levels, rejuvenates elasticity and texture

spinifex – an Australian Bush Flower. It builds the overall health of the skin. It is thought to help the renewal process. Improves resistance to recurring skin conditions.

flannel flower – an Australian wildflower, the petals are soft and furry like flannelette. It is meant to rehydrates and maintain suppleness. Good in combination of other flower essences.

What I think of it?


First image above is when you first apply it. Second image shows you that it then disappears into the skin and give you a well hydrated result without feeling sticky, gooey, stinky, goopy, wet or if a lip balm should be any better than this.

It hydrates in an instant and goes undetectable in less than a minute! My lips can be dry and chapped especially this winter weather.

It is also perfect as a base for any lip product. It also has no lingering scent. Best, hands down. No other lip balm gives me this exact same finish and feel to the lips. If you like the ointment or gloss feel on your lips, this would not be for you. For that you could try Papaw Ointment or Malin+Goetz or Dr Hauschka or Kiehl’s Lip Balm or so many out there for that kind of texture – you can feel them layered on your lips. With this Angelica Lip Care Balm, it is so comfortable on the lips, you are kissable right away!


Where to buy? Online, Myer or selected spa and beauty salons.

Price: AUD$31

Will I repurchase: YES!



Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored review. The product was purchased with my own funds for personal use.

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Dustyn said...

*adds to cart* Thanks for the heads up on this gorgeous product! I still haven't been paid enough to justify a Simplicite haul but it is definitely in my future :-)