April 18, 2013

7 Things I’m Loving to Eat These Days


1/ Combination (Chicken / Beef) Pho – Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soup complete with the basil leaves and bean sprouts and dashes of chillies on the side. Hmm… on chilly rainy nights? Hmm…


2/ Oven baked Hoki fish fillet seasoned with a bunch of things, let me know if you want the recipe. Brussels sprouts and boy choy or any choy/asian greens also oven baked. My current favourite dish to make at home! Yum!


3/ Yummy, tasty cereal that I tend to mix with my Uncle Toby’s :) The spice clusters just make it extra special.


4/ Marinated Kangaroo fillet – here shown with wilted spinach on bruschetta toast


More fish, this time a different marinate/seasoning, straight out of the oven, and the dish ended up looking like…


This. I love 5/ mushrooms… and garlic…with chillies.


6/ Cheesy spiced chicken for little indulgence. Nothing too unhealthy about this, just the sprinkle of extra strong parmesan. The rest are pretty much spices, such as turmeric, paprika etcetera. :)


7/ Cheese and Spinach NaansDA. BEST!!! ‘nuff said, I’m gonna start drooling already. Just can’t get enough of this.


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madame makeup said...

yum yum yum!!!! ok off to the kitchen to make something to eat! lol

Amateur Cook said...

Ummm.. Skippy fillet. You have that often? Red meat is red meat I guess.

Dana K said...

not that often but you can easily get them from the local supermarket here. they are actually very good meat in terms of nutrients, compared to beef or other red meat. :)

Dana K said...

hehehe :) yeap! i like the kitchen! heheehee

Michelle Wong said...

so many pics of fooood! I'm always craving for pho too!!!! especially as its getting colder....mmmm