April 8, 2013

Mani Monday: Inglot “888”


I want to lick this screen…mmhmm, chocolate…

Today’s Mani Monday will take you to a brand called Inglot (RIP Mr Inglot, he recently passed away). I accidentally came across this shade while taking a stroll along their 50% discounted display. Lo’and’behold I spotted this shade. Its number – 888. If it’s not luck or coincidence or fate, well, it just is, okay. Just the perfect chocolate/brick but not too red of a brick… shade. Perfect.

It is creamy, smooth and just no streaks. It glides without any friction. The photographed nails are wearing two coats. Oh, Yummy!!





Disclaimer: Bought it myself. I just love it that much.

1 comment:

Lisa Chen said...

ok don't laugh at me but i want to run out and get this nail polish not because of the color (though it is beautiful) but because of the number HAHAHA. my chinese side 888 anything is AWESOME!