December 30, 2011

I feel like blogging today

Is it the weather? Is it the wind? Is it the way the clouds move across the sky… or the fact that today is the second last day of the year 2011. Wait, what?

Looking back, I often wonder if I had done enough and perhaps, the way things did happen the way it did… was for a reason and because there is a purpose… somewhere down the line. What’s in store for me?


Life throws at you many kinds of things, some might knock you off balance, some keep you right on track, and some… swept you off your feet. My patience has been and will always be tested…once or many more times. My heart may be touched and moved by a movie or the things people do. My strength may be weakened but with each fall I know I have to get up and walk again. Or even run…

I’m not good with words… at times. I still try to better myself at a lot of things I do… but I do wish you all will have a magical New Year!

Happy New Year 2012…!!!




Maria V said...

Beautiful photos! Just discovered your blog, darling.

Happy New Year to you too and belated Merry Christmas!!!

Cheers from Sydney,

Tiffany said...

these are gorgeous photos!! & great post :)
hope you had a happy new year!