December 1, 2011

Skincare 101: Part 1 Introduction to Skin Analysis

I think it’s about time I write about this. Although I will say it now that I am not a certified medical practitioner or professional nor am I a beautician or a beauty therapist or an aesthetician. I simply speak from personal experiences and from what I have learnt from personal research. Take it like grain of salt (that’s the right phrase to use, I believe)… and let’s begin.

Skincare has always been a journey. At least to me, it is. My skin has not always been the easiest to handle nor it is the most difficult, and I thank God for what I have, I really do.

Teenage years – acne prone and oily. That would be the best description I could give my skin condition at the time. I had numerous whiteheads all over my forehead and pimples are always hard to get rid off. I hated them. Was it from what the food that I ate? Was it from the products I used? Was it weather-triggered? If I knew back then what I know now, perhaps things would have been different. Back then I was not cautious with what I ate. I was not aware of what products I used except somewhat should be along the line of cleanser, toner and moisturiser – I cannot even recall what I had used. Weather-wise, yes it was different. I had been moving from one country to another and another.

In short, my skin now has been the best its ever been. More on that in separate post… perhaps?

My point is however, that we have a certain type of skin with what could be several other skin conditions along with it. You could be more or less of a certain type of skin. For example you could be of oily skin type and dehydrated; or you could be dry with oily T-zone. You could be experiencing very oily moments or less oily and same goes with the dryness level. From personal experience, incorrect product or the use of certain products may trigger these varying levels of oil secretion or the lack of.

If you’re wondering what your skin type is – try this little test…

Wash your face with just water, go on, splash splash, it doesn’t hurt. Then pat dry. Do not apply anything and leave it for about an hour or so ish. Now feel your skin… yes, touch with clean fingers, please. Are there oily areas? If so, where? Are there dry areas? Where? This would give you a good indication of which areas need more attention of; or which areas need more hydration and which need less.

Me? I get the slight oily T-zone areas and between my eyebrows, also beside my nose and on my nose. Undercheeks get pretty dry. My temples feel normal. Hence I would call myself a combination skin type, with varying levels of dehydration depending on weather condition. I know I could get oilier if I use too much of a certain type of face oil. It is only natural for our skin to react. According to picture below… I would call myself a Normal/Oily or Normal/Dry depending on conditions. Hence if I were to explain to others in much simpler term “combination”. Sounds familiar?


Image Source: Batty’s Bath Blog

My approach is …

“Oily skin, ain’t you the lucky one!” because you can get away with so much more than the other skin types. You see… for those with the dry patches, we have to worry with not over cleansing that area or stripping too much moisture out of that specific areas. If we use mask, we have to check whether it is going to be too harsh. The oil actually slows down your aging process – in terms of getting early wrinkles and fine lines, those with the dryer skin types will get them first, or say, easier.

Although, they all have their pros and cons. Dry skin don’t normally get the whiteheads and oily breakouts. Either way, we are made the way we are, and we can choose to balance it and take care of it the best we can.

In the next installment – would you like me to dwell in cleansers I have tried and liked / disliked? or what else would you like me to touch on?



Tram said...

Totally agree with you. Oily skins are luckier in the long run. Hahaha... but dry skin.. invisible pores and non-shiny....

Ahh!! Can't we have both in one? LOL. Can we please have invisible pores, non-shiny face and slow aging skin? :( Boo!

A post on overview of cleansers would be nice since I'm finishing mine soon :) !!


il était une fois... said...

ahh hate my skin!! thanks for the sweet comment doll! X