January 25, 2011

New Year New Hair New Favs

Hi everyone~!!!

How's everybody doing? It's a super hot summer day today after such a chilly night last night. Well, it is summer here after all. How's the winter where you are?

The new year has begun and I have new favorites... of beauty products that is! And yesterday, I finally decided to ... after few years of having my naturally black hair... to dye it! Yes, I've dyed my hair hehehe...

Note: my hair is naturally black, very strong black that when I go to the hairdressers, they would ask whether I had dyed my hair black. ==" so on that note, the result of hair dyes would vary depending on the state of your hair.

I used Schwarzkopf Perfect Mousse hair dye in the color 10-0 Pearl Blonde.
And to get scared just by the word 'blonde'... trust me, for our Asian hair, without prior bleaching, this would not, I repeat, would not drastically change your entire hair blonde. If you do want to be blonde, of course bleaching would be needed.

You'd receive:
- a pair of disposable gloves
- 1 application bottle with developer emulsion (35ml)
- 1 bottle of color gel (35ml)
- 1 foam pump
- 1 tube repair conditioner
- 1 instruction leaflet

Just pour the entire bottle of the color gel into the application bottle. Then enclose it with the pump. DO NOT SHAKE. Just turn it upside down once and it should mix. Then just pump away! That 1 bottle did my entire hair with no problem at all. If you're after a lighter brighter bolder color, I'd suggest getting 2 bottles, or leave the solution for longer than 1 hour if your hair is naturally black. The instruction said to leave it on your hair for 30minutes... I left it on for 1 hour. Hahaha... Everybody's hair is different, remember that.

Before... (this was taken on the same day, just hours before I purchased the dye) lol!
After... (under sunlight)

And I'm liking the subtle change! ^^ I'm not quite sure what color I'd call this ... maybe dark auburn? Anywayyyy, I can see this won't be the last time I'm dyeing my hair this year! Maybe some highlights along the way? We'll see...

Since it has also been such a long time... I thought I'd do a FOTD ... And today is
What I use
I'm giving this a 2nd chance, I used to hate this for some reason and so close to always just giving it away... Maybelline Super Stay 24Hour Foundation (shade: Nude).
I'm also giving this 2nd chance, since I was so close to giving this away also... and now I can't imagine not using it! Maybelline Mineral Power Concealer (shade: Ivory [light 2-3])
and now I am wanting to get a slightly darker shade to match my NC30 skin. This concealer is creamy and opaque and covers nicely... and this shade is rather brightening on me. I even use it to highlight! Then I top everything off with my officially new favorite powder Maybelline Dream Matte Powder (shade Fair [light 0-1]).
I contoured using my MAC Bronzing Powder in Golden.
Then applied blushes mixing the 2 shades of these Gorgeous Cosmetics color pro colors in Marshmellow and this apricot shade which I forgot the name of. Either Rhubarb or Sesame, I totally don't remember!
And look at how much I've hit pan on these babies!! *jumps for joy* *fingers dancing in the air*
Maybelline Dream Matte Powder & MAC Bronzing Powder in Golden

OMG I just realise! The products are mostly Maybelline! Hahahhahaa... I guess it's growing on me now... I'm loving this Maybelline Falsies Waterproof mascara. My Maybelline Unstoppable Liner is also slowly becoming a stump... time for a new one soon... haha.

^^ Have a great week everyone!

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Lene said...

Nice dye! Looks very natural yet refreshing :D