January 30, 2011

Beautiful Ladies Series #1

As I'm flipping through the latest VOGUE, it crossed my mind that I do like spotting models or just beautiful ladies. Then I thought... why not share it with all of you? Those that always catch my eyes and I like looking at... Hehehe...

There are quite a few to list at the moment, but I won't list them all. These are also not in any particular order.

1) Daria Werbowy
Canadian darling... Many of you might have seen her face at the advertisements. Yes, she is one of the faces for Lancome.
2) Hilary Rhoda
She is the face of Estee Lauder. American sweetheart. Her eyes amongst that brunette hair...
And this next photo of her.. so effortlessly chic...

3) Natalia Vodianova
Oh Guerlain, Guerlain... and Natalia... well, I always spot her. Something elegant and regal about her. I really like this photo

4) Anja Rubik
Now she is a face I always spot in the crowd. Her hair used to be long awhile back then she had it cut oh-so-short and she stands out a lot more with it! In beautiful way!
From this...
To this...

5) Priyanka Chopra
Indian actress and former Miss World.

6) Agnes Monica
This girl, oh can she work all kinds of hairstyle! From Indonesia, I give you Agnes Monica.
She's done pink and platinum
And uber short!
She's versatile in both her looks and singing...

Maybe I could do a Female Indonesian blog post soon... just mentioning some of the ladies of our generation rocking the world of music and films - the celebrity world. Or maybe Asian female ... hmm... it's an idea.

There are so many more girls/ladies out there that I'd love to mention, but I shall leave that till another day. Till then, have a great weekend.


Lene said...

Love the Indonesian model.. the short hair looks great on her!

lisa said...

love your blog :)

i'm hosting a gold birdcage bangle giveaway! please come and check it out :)


Katie said...

Very beautiful ladies!