October 24, 2013


I thought I’d start a new series – and I am calling it “Ingredipedia” or “Ingredipedia Time”, still considering whether to include the “Time” word or not. The idea is to introduce, talk about, give you an idea of the ingredients that are probable to be used in a product. It is a combination of the words “ingredients” + “encyclopedia” hence the “ingredipedia”. Perhaps it’s the science/research self in me that inspired me but also just to share with you, knowledge that should be more readily provided instead of being hidden away.

I hope you'll join me in this new adventure. I am compiling ingredients all the time nowadays and to understand further the benefits/dangers of each ingredient. Some may be harder to find information on than some others. Along the way, I hope that we can give feedback to one another.

Most parts I am interested in the herbal/plants nutrients ingredients, though I would definitely include some of the other non-herbal ones just so we all could understand and learn from it all.

This will be a learning curve for me as well. I am someone who has to write it down or talk about it with others of like-minds for the information to stick. Oh and yes I do enjoy it if the information gets spread around, too.

Some ingredients that will pop up include (but not restricted to):

      • niaouli
      • sage, clary
      • angelica
      • calendula
      • cinnamon
      • bergamot
      • acerola
      • aloe vera
      • tea (black, green, red, white, etc)
      • avocado
      • tocopherol
      • allantoin
      • geranium
      • carrot
      • coconut

and many more I have in mind!!

For each ingredient/herb, I will mention:

      • also known as (its common/scientific names, its other names in other words)
      • where it is found
      • description or perhaps a picture
      • parts used
      • uses (foodwise, medicinal or cosmetics-wise)
      • contains…
      • what it does/its actions

What do you think? Would you be interested for me to gather this and make it an “ingredipedia”?

Any suggestion is welcomed :)

This will be a long and winding road, I can just feel it… but one has got to start somewhere, right!?


Also, would you like me to still have this series here or publish it on a different blog?



PS. The word has been created by me to describe the topics I am about to cover in future posts

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