December 13, 2013

Alexami Facial Mitt and its bestfriend, the Lemon Myrtle Tea Tree Handmade Soap

Let me tell you something, when one product works wonderfully well with another, you may call it a miracle, I may call it, they were meant to be. This is exactly the case of that. From the moment I saw it, seen how it worked, I just could not argue. These products are here to stay, in the Blushfully’s book of beauty goodness.



This is a handmade soap from the brand Alexami, an Australian made mineral makeup and certified organic skincare line. They may be new in the radar (launched in 2009), but already making quite a mark in the beauty industry with their strong focus on empowering and educating women. They strongly believe that beauty should be simple, and what we put on our skin should be in harmony with what Mother Nature has given us (quote: Alexami Story). I couldn’t agree more!

Carrying a variety of other handmade soap, this Lemon Myrtle & Tea Tree in particular is a special one. In my eyes, anyway. Not only that the base of it is coconut oil – yum, you know I love coconut. It smells divine… and it is also anti-bacterial, making it perfect for hand washing and body washing to rid of all the dirt, germs and grime. I, in particular, love using this to clean my makeup brushes… and this special (dirty in the photo) facial mitt.


This facial mitt has the pH level of that similar to your skin! 5.5! It is made of corn fabric and silk, which makes it a super nice exfoliating mitt without being too harsh on the skin. It also, as seen in the above photo, helps to remove all the dirt and foundation. It really takes it all off! Yay!

But what to do now, now that it’s all gross like that? I use the hard soap. Lather it, massage it well with the mitt… and…



Clean as brand new again! How amazing is that! No magic involved, I promise you…


If you’re interested in purchasing these, you can head over to their website at or you can visit their first pop up ecobeautique at Level 1, Westfield Carindale, in between Forever New and Glassons.

Facial Mitt: AU$8.95

Soap: AU$6.95

Whether it is for yourself or as gifts, they are inexpensive and might as well be a staple in your beauty cabinet ;)





Disclaimer: The products were provided as requested for review consideration. No monetary compensation was involved in the making of this review. As always, I genuinely enjoy the products and like them. Just here to share the love :)

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