October 15, 2009

They Arrived! They Arrived! sasa order #2

They arrived!! I totally missed them while entering the front door. The humoungous box was outside my front door and I missed it!! Hahaha...

So I opened it...

So many rice bubbles for protection, good good.. =)

Anyway, here's what I purchased: (all the moisturisers and cleansers are to be shared between my sisters and I)

- Innisfree OLIVE Real Cleansing Oil (180ml)
- Kanebo KRACIE Deep Moist Facial Gelatinous Lotion (200ml)
- Kanebo NAIVE Facial Cleansing Foam Tea Leaf (120g)
- AquaLabel ANTI-AGING LINE Lotion EX (160ml) - NOTE! This is for my Mum
- Cosmetex Roland ONSEN TAMAGO Spring Egg Lotion (200ml)
- MAC Charged Water (30ml)
- Mentholatum ACNES UV Tinted Milk SPF50+ (30g) - NOTE! This is for a friend
- Mentholatum MEDICATION Ointment (10g)
- Mentholatum SUNPLAY Clear Water SPF50+ PA+++ (35g)
- Mentholatum SUNPLAY FREE GIFT: Water in UV SPF25 PA++ (10ml)
- Baby Girl Tweezers - FREE

Free Shipping too!! =)

So sad that I didn't get to order the Majolica Majorca mascaras and Oil Blotting papers with this order, they were all sold out when I was ordering!! That's okay... another order from sasa for sure!! =D

I'll do little reviews for each of them or most of them later. Stay tuned!


Tammy said...

Hi Dana,
I'm so surprised that Australia only sells max 30! Even in winterland we have up to SPF 85!!! :o
Epilating is pretty scary at first haha ...but you do get use to it--the pain, I mean haha

DANA said...

Yeah! I mean, with the Australian sun this strong, SPF30 just doesn't feel adequate, at least to me. Hehehe. Thanks for visiting my blog btw! =D Appreciate it.