October 29, 2009

I Have To Mention This Makeup Artist

She is amazing. She's done so many different kinds of looks, flawless, and very into the characters that she created using her face as the canvas. Her name is KANDEE JOHNSON,

you can check out her blog HERE or if you could, do check out her youtube videos where she'll be showing you tutorials step by step on any look you want, such as her latest one SNOW WHITE!!! She can sing, she can act, she does brilliant makeup, it's amazing.
Oh, she even did an MICHAEL JACKSON , OOMPA LOOMPA , EDWARD SCISSORHANDS ?? I know right? She is really.. truly... awesome. I'd love to learn more...

Here is a photo shoot she did with her friend who is a photographer, and the result is as though it's been photoshopped!! But she did all the makeup! Flawless!


Just thought I'd share with you all~

Have a blushfull day

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