October 21, 2009

Coffret D'Or by Kanebo

I have to somehow, somewhat squeeze this brand in here and I can't wait... I tried to look for a review on their mascara but none really came up so I hope I'll do a review on it when I get the mascara end of the year or so...

Here's their website COFFRET D'OR Kanebo and I just love its packaging, its design, its quality...

More about it later when I finally get the products, definitely be mascaras and eyeshadow. Don't think I'll be getting any of the foundation due to unmatching shade, since we don't have Kanebo here in Australia (it's only available in Asia *cries* ).

Briefly about the brand, it's fairly new, not new new, but new. It's the next thing after Kanebo discontinued T'estimo. Its packaging is luxurious and the line has a wide variety ranging from base makeup to the point makeup such as eyeshadows, oh they're beautiful. Lipsticks, mascara base, makeup base, all sorts...

Brand message "How brightly will you shine?" hehe... very brightly! with coffret d'or!! beautiful name.. I'm pretty sure it means Golden Box in French. d'or - golden.

Here's a sneakpeek:
The Eyeshadow Base (I want!)

Eyeshadow TD Eyes in 03 Khaki-Green Tones (I want!!)

LP Veil UV
- Formulated with Change Block Fixer
- Formulated with Poreless Powder

Hides shadows of pores for elegant skin with sheer translucency. This makeup base spreads on lightly for a perfect fit, improving the hold of foundation.

Hides shadows of pores for silkier skin, leading to an even finish with beautiful translucency.
Increases the adhesion of foundation, preventing makeup deterioration caused by sweat and sebum.

~~~ I'm curious now, maybe I should try this too... just look at the packaging ahhh

There are more, but do check out the range in their website HERE

Can't wait to get my hands on this range!

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