October 21, 2009

Let's talk about Lash, baby!

Alright, this post is going to be my first review (with photos, yeap! photos! of me *blushes*) on a mascara I recently finally gave in and tried, the COVERGIRL LASH BLAST WATERPROOF.

On the package, it says:
The biggest brush EVER from CoverGirl, for a blast of lush, volumized lashes! lashblast's volume-boosting formula and patented brush technology are designed to max out each and every lash leaving you with the ultimate big lash look.
- Ophthalmologically Tested
- Hypoallergenic & suitable for contact lens wearers

Here's a look of what it's like: (it sure is one fat brush)

Well, the brush does not have the usual 'brush hairs' like other mascaras, this one sort of more like bristles, if that's even the right term. =_= There are tons of them, and well, they actually do NOT clump on me!

Here's a shot I took around midday, just after I applied the mascara:

And another shot, (omg, this is my first time doing this...)

Anyway, so those were midday shots, and I went out, in the sun, had dinner and everything... and came back home at around 9.30pm, and here's the result:

Another try at photographing my own eyes using just my iphone =_=

OMG!! They're still CURLED!!!!! For once, YES YES YES!!! =D I like!!!!
Wait till I get a new SD card for my camera, I'll get better quality photos then. Sorry for the bad quality for the time being. I'm trying to make do with what I have in my hand.

Well, in my opinion, this mascara (waterproof) is good. I like it. It holds the curl well, it doesn't lengthen so much if you're after lengthening, and I'm ok with that, as I want a natural curl luscious lash kind of look, I guess... Volume, yes, it does give volume ^^ but it's not over the top that you look like you're overdoing it, so I think I will be using this the most in the meantime, until my Coffret D'Or Mascara arrives or any other mascaras that I'd like to try hehehe

Well done LashBlast!! You've made me like you!!
Till next time~


yzhuhuong said...

i've had clumping (AND BRANDED SOMEMORE) mascaras for ages and i really need to find THE perfect mascara. maybe it's due to the fact i permed my lashes? anyway...you mentioned before that majorlica majorca ones sound very promising. i wanna give it a try!!! but i already have way too many mascaras :(:(

Yumeko said...

u are very pretty girl!