November 23, 2011

Review: DMK ALPHA Acu Masque

A long long time ago, this girl from was given a gift bag filled with plentiful of beauty products for her to play with. One was an intriguing face masque by the name DMK. However, the season and condition of her skin were not supportive at that particular time. Move forward to many moons later, here she is trying out the product since summer is just around the corner. With summer comes oily and blemishes, and with this masque as the weapon of choice – she moves forward to the next level of skincare…

DMK – or also known as DannĂ© Montague-King (pronounced d-nay mont-a-gu king – source)




to exfoliate dead skin cells and tones oily or blemish prone skin


After cleansing skin, apply a generous coat of Acu Masque to entire area being treated. Allow to dry for twenty minutes, then rinse thoroughly.


Water (Aqua), Sulfur, Kaolin, Bentonite, Propylene Glycol, Magnesium Aluminium Silicate, Glycerin, Zinc Oxide, Polysorbate-20, Titanium Dioxide, Diazolidinyl Urea, Methylparaben, Propylparaben

Let’s break it down…

Water (Aqua) – self explanatory, while it is not your normal tap water this is DI or de-ionised. That means that it has been purified by removing all the ions. This is used to prevent contamination.

Sulfur – used for acne medication because it kills bacteria

Kaolin – also known as china clay, this absorbs oil – serious suction

Bentonite – just like the above clay, this natural mineral aids in oil absorption

Propylene Glycol – is a humectant meaning that it aids in preventing the product to either melt in high temperature or freeze in low temperature. It also assists in the absorption of active ingredients into our skins.

Magnesium Aluminium Silicate – a mineral, clay-like material. It is mainly used for its anti-caking property. Also for its absorbing property.

Glycerin – multifunctional mainly for its moisturising properties. It is an agent for water. Since it is also non-irritating and soothing it is also suitable to use for all skin types even the sensitives.

Zinc Oxide – also known as Chinese white. It’s a mineral powder that is commonly used as a physical blocker to the sun UV rays. It is very easily recognised by its white pastey cast on the skin. However, with the new technology they manage to reduce the size of the particles to make it a clear product. It aids in protecting the skin from dehydration, and rashes from environment causes such as the wind.

Polysorbate-20 – this is an agent that mix oil and water.

Titanium Dioxide – used as coloring agent to make things white. It helps to maintain the stability of the product because TiO2 can resist damage from light, oxidation or pH (source). It is also very, if not the most, abundant element, hence its uses in cleansers.

Diazolidinyl Urea – antimicrobial preservative. Warning: some people may be allergic which can cause dermatitis.

Methylparaben – anti-fungal, fungicide, and often used as preservative. It is produced naturally and found in some fruits, especially blueberries.

Propylparaben – preservative occurs from insects and plants, similar properties as the previous paraben mentioned.



  • You can feel the minty scent – I mean, smell the minty feel – whichever way that is… right on application
  • Within 5 minutes I can feel the mask sucking the air out of my pores and tightening them like squeezing air out of dough – if that makes sense
  • Tingly sensation is experienced during the process of battling congestion and the matter of pores – but nothing major or burning feel
  • During removal, best to use a warm damp face cloth, place it over your face to soften the mask and wipe off gently. You will automatically feel the exfoliating and deep cleansing feeling.

I think this would be best as spot treatment or a “once-in-a-while” sort of treatment. Just because for my skin type (being normal/sensitive and slightly oily in some areas, drier in other patches), I find that if I use this too often it will strip too much moisture out of my skin. Also I prefer to alternate “hydrating” and “deep cleansing” masks instead of using the same one every week. I lean towards the sensitive and soothing products.

I could also perhaps, in my humblest opinion, suggest that this would strictly suit the oilier skin type. The dry can steer away and look for other kind of mask that is not too “vacuum cleaner”.

Do I find it amazing and incredible? Not really, maybe because I am currently not experiencing too much of a breakouts or oiliness.

Did I feel any burning? No.

Did I sense any inflammation or redness or irritation afterwards? No.

Any peeling? No.

Will I repurchase? Not at this moment, though I might reconsider in the future.

Price: $70.50 for 60ml (2 fl oz.) – source (beautydirectory)

For more information, please visit

Have you tried any DMK product?


Disclaimer: This product was provided for review consideration – during Brisbane Beauty Bloggers Event early this year. All opinions are my own. It is being reviewed because I say it’s worth it.

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