October 19, 2009

Beauty Treats Face Wipes

So, just a quick review about one of the products that I now always have, and when I run out, as I did before, I quickly want to go and buy another one, is this Makeup Remover Cleansing Tissues or Face Wipes (as I like to call them)... and this particular one has the label Beauty Treats. They are only sold at GROOVE, as far as I know, and they cost only AU$4.99, that's only AU$5!! Cheap!

They come in a range of, what should I say, scent? Yeah, scent... There's Aloe, Cucumber, Collagen, and Green Tea. The website listed Rose but Groove doesn't sell the Rose, so maybe only in America.

If you're interested, I've been using the Green Tea one, and I'm on my 2nd. I know!! I finished the 1st one awhile ago!! And when this 2nd one finishes I will buy a 3rd! And then 4th! Hahaha...

Here's what "Green Tea" looks like, alongside its sister, "Cucumber",

What I Really Like About It:
1) Soft, soft, soft
2) Lost of moisture
3) Cleanse nicely, I play around with makeup on my hand and I like to use my fingers to shade or blend with charcoal and soft pencils, so I use this wipes to clean them off
4) Quick, Easy, Convenient
5) Smells Great! Smells really nice and refreshing and soothing, I just love the smell and the feeling it has on my face.
6) Sometimes, I just have it on my face, maybe cut a hole in the middle for my nose, and just leave it on my face for few minutes, sort of give my face a refreshing feel. Hahaha...
7) It's Green Tea, a great source of antioxidant and I love green tea, doubt this one would have much antioxidant effect but it's still nice no doubt.
8) Did I say I love the smell? Hahaha...
9) Did I say how soft it is? and how moist it is or refreshing it is...
Ok, I shall stop now...
I've used other wipes in the past and I liked them, but at the moment, this is one I really like, and as a student, you know, this is not expensive when compared to something like, say, MAC wipes... *cries* it's freaky, just the normal size one would cost AU$28... that's a lot for something that I would be using quite abundantly, you know? Ok, anyway, maybe when the time comes, I will try MAC wipes, but for now, I'm loving this!

Have a good one~


yzhuhuong said...

hey, there's a 50% sale down at YSL in Myers city! go go go!!! i got a lipstick for like $27.50!! ;) great GREAT buy :D

DANA said...

lol yz... yeah i forgot about that, it's in all of Myer =)