October 26, 2009

As Promised - MAC Haul & Eye Makeup

So here are some photos of the eye makeup of the night. At first I think it's ok, and in these close up photos, they look ok, ...
BUT!!! I'm serious.... in all the photos on that night, the makeup looked overdone, the eyebrows came out too strong, and my face looked wayyyy too bronze and too shiny, so I'm not too pleased about that, to be honest. Ahh well, there's always going to be this little hiccup along the way anyway, like one of my close friends said, I shall find the balance one day, I shall find it myself, and it will be a natural look. But here they are...

I have to say I loved the colour, but it didn't work out very well on the night. Ahh well...
Oh, and my eyelashes were not curled at all, so yeah... =(
NOTE to SELF: when I finally get the Coastal Scents 88 Palette I would be able to try out this look on myself and I probably would go slightly softer so that it would not look too 'drag queen'-ish. And I would curl my lashes and I would not colour / fill in my eyebrows too much like that ... Oh, and to NOT brush too much bronzer all over my face!

And here are my latest addition to my little MAC collection:
- Mineralized Satinfinish Liquid Foundation in NW25 (I'm not sure I suit NC30 or this better..)
- Bronzing Powder in Golden (I swear too much of this on me would make me 10x tanner!! NO!!)
- Volcanic Ash Thermal Mask (so soothing and refreshing and cleansing, my first mask)

Ok, since I have to wake up really early tomorrow for the 2nd day training day at David Jones (boring, due to the fact that I've done all these before....) I have to head off to sleep... So I shall have to bid you all goodnight!!

Have a blushfull day!!


yzhuhuong said...

i love the colours in your eyes :) purple rocks! madly in love with purple lately!

DANA said...

=P same here!! blues, purples, greens look really nice on our eyes, i reckon hehehe

Angela said...

hey girl

I also use the thermal mask and it's pretty good. I did a review of it on my blog.

And Im a new follower and love your blog.


DANA said...

hi angela!
thanks for following! I sure will check out your blog and follow =]
ooh, as my first mask i do love this product, happy to know you like it too!!