October 15, 2009

Face Sunscreens Edition 1

So, in relation to the other post UVA UVB SPF and PA, I shall talk about sunscreens, specifically for the Face.

I know there are a lot of products now, specially moisturisers that have SPF incorporated in it. But I still think it doesn't beat pure sunscreen. It may be a personal preference, but from my experience of tanning ever too quickly, I now rather put on sunscreen on top of my moisturiser. I may not be wearing any foundation, but I shall have to wear sunscreen. Oh, and since I think putting sunscreen on my face is most important than other parts of my body, I tend to go for sunscreens that are higher than SPF30. But guess what! Australia only sells up to SPF30 MAX!! *cries!* But no worries, thanks to online shopping, we all can now have spf35, 42, 50, or even 130.. oh and thanks to Japanese sunscreens =)

Alright, I shall split this into 2 blog entries. Edition 1 will begin by listing just some of the ones I currently have, and edition 2 will be some of the ones that I'm thinking of getting or think are recommendable. Oh, and I'll tell you where you can get them and how much they cost.

1) KOSE Coen Rich Q10 White UV Protector SPF50+ PA++ (Smooth Touch)
sasa.com: A$6.90 (I find that it's cheaper at sasa, and plus if you buy a lot of other products, it's worth getting from sasa.com)

What I think:
I love this sunscreen!! Not only it protects your skin, it actually feels sooo smooth! It has a moisturising feel to it, not greasy at all! It's super blendable and another note on this product is that it smells nice, not like those glue-like-smell of the normal sunscreens. Oh I love its smell.. ^^ If I try to describe it, it'd have to be... floral, fresh flowers.
Oh! mine is running low, I think in my next round of sasa order, I will have to buy another tube. =)

It comes out white (as expected)

And glides on/goes on clear.. very smoooooothhhhh like satin:

2) MENTHOLATUM ACNES UV Tinted Milk SPF50 PA++ (30g)
Again, you can get this at sasa.com for around AU$6.20.

Here's a comparison of its size (it's tiny, but travel-friendly):

What I think:
This is the runniest sunscreen I have. It's very watery, but because it is so watery, it glides and blends into your skin effortlessly! It is tinted, but it somehow blends in with your face. Oh and an extra note, it actually goes to a MATTE finish!!

See how runny it is? It's sliding off my hand! But that means, it's super blendable, feels light as feather on your face!

3) Skinfood Broccoli Sunscreen SPF42 PA+++ (50ml)
I bought this from an ebay seller ohmyalice, free shipping, I recommend her! =)
Here's just a link of the product in a Singaporean website CLICK HERE! It's cheaper to get it off ebay.

What I think: Texture is the thickest out of the three, but it is still very blendable and feels like moisturising cream. If you're worried about the smell, my friends were all like.. "urgh! broccoli!! what's that smell like!! must be gross!!" noooooooooo common perception, but it doesn't really have any strong smell. I can smell it, very faintly, a very nice refreshing, soothing smell of freshness. Nothing gross!! I like broccoli!! And, they have awesome properties that are anti carcinogenic. =) Yes, that's right.. Broccoli fights cancer... as preventative measures, though!!

4) Garnier Ambre Solaire Very High SPF30+ (50ml)
I bought this at Priceline for AU$3.99, and this was the first sunscreen I used before I got any of those listed above. It was okay, but now I prefer to use this one on other areas than my face. It only says SPF30+, then what about the UVA protection? =S But apart from that, I think this one is a nice little bottle you can carry around. It doesn't go on as greasy as those other sunscreens, it feels like a thicker moisturiser with spf, but not so thick that leaves a white cast. No it doesn't. It glides on smooth, and I think it's quite a handy one if you just want to get one from the local stores rather than online. This is okay, but I still would rather use other sunscreens that are meant for the face, just because the texture and the blendability are different.

Alright, what a post... I should stop here, for now... if not, this would be way too long! Don't want to strain your eyes.... So I'll do another post on Face Sunscreens Edition 2 on the products I think are good and why. =) Till next time, goodnight!


Yumeko said...

i am always checking out sun protection! thanks for sharing

DANA said...

hi yumeko! thanks for your comment. yeah, i'm a big fan of sun protection now, especially japanese sunscreens =D

yzhuhuong said...

when are you going to order the next round of sasa products? ;)

Fifi said...

Hi! I wanted to get the broccoli sunscreen from skinfood but does it feel sticky?? I have oily skin so I don't want anything too heavy. If you can get back to me, I'll highly appreciate it. Thanks!! :)