January Favourites

Nicole did a January Favorites and thought I'd do one...

Lush Vanilla in the Mist - my first soap from Lush and I like it. It's one of their New for 2010 products. It feels clean, gets very foamy, and smells yummy! It has coffee, vanilla, honey... hmm... it's like maple syrup on waffles... or something. Makes my shower so much more inviting and enjoyable.

Missha Perfect Brush Cleaner - easy clean with this brush cleaner. I just squirt some on tissue papers and swipe my brushes and they're ready to use! Plus, it gives a sweet scent, which I don't mind. Better than an ethanol or stinky scent, anyway.

Makeup Remover Wipes - too easy! Especially for those days when you're feeling lazy and just swipe this, and I'm off to bed hahaha... not really, but just means that it's quick and easy. Carry it around too, for emergencies. I have 3 at the moment, 1 in my gym bag, 1 a Neutrogena one (only purchased recently), and 1 Japanese one in a box (a gift).

Lip Glosserie Lip Balm - They smell nice, doesn't taste yuck, and moisturises your lips. Comes in cute little clear tube, easy application, no mess, no fuss. Check out LipGlosserie on Etsy. Jinny is real sweet ;)

Coffret D'Or Mascara Base - makes anything, any mascara I put on, mess-free, clump-free, smudge-free, and lasts all day. What more can I say. This rules out the "only waterproof mascara works for me" idea. I can use non-waterproof mascaras now using this mascara base and my eyelashes would still stay curled.

Pupa Baked Eyeshadow Natural Eyes in 01 - I had a break from this eyeshadow for months and months, and only recently got back into it and loves it. It works as eyebrow highlighter, inner corner highlight, cheek highlight if required, and works as an all over eye shadow. Gives me a nice subtle, natural eyes, that are awake and fresh. Buildable.

Stila Convertible in Peony - I almost gave this away when I first got it. I'm so glad I didn't. I gave this product a second, or if not, third chance, and finally fell in love with it. I can use it as a lipstick and it's a really nice colour on my lips... and I use it as blush base and it works! I use this then apply my powder blush and it lasts all day! I like it. Multi-purpose, easy to just pop this in your bag and you're ready to go, just in case you don't have time to put on blush and lipstick.

Sportsgirl Shimmer Pot - I named this colour Champagne Pink, because of the colour. I also love this as an easy, all over eye shadow. It's just nice. Smooth, pigmented and nice.

Everyday Minerals Products - Blush in Email Me, Foundation in Light Medium (Original Glo). I've just been constantly impressed by Everyday Minerals. So far, impressed by the foundation, and the blush. And the brushes! Flat top ~ I looovvee...

Ecotools Powder Brush - Massive brush to apply finishing powder. Super super soft!! Like it. Doesn't shed. No funny smell. I like it. Don't have any other brush like it.

Jemma Brush - Random find. Quite like it. I use this to apply my Stila Cream Blush (Convertible)... or I can also use this as foundation brush if needed. No streaking, and nice size.

Apart from those brushes, I still love my Everyday Minerals Flat Top, Sportsgirl Blush Brush, Sportsgirl Eyeshadow All-over Brush.

Alrighty, now it's your turn! What are your January Favourites? ;) Do a post , or comment below.


Mai said…
It's the damn Ecotools again! I really can't afford any beauty products right now, but I want their brusheeees D:

The mascara base sounds wonderful! I have the same problem with non-waterproof mascaras as you.

My favorite of January has been Alima mineral foundation! It's great <3
.blushfully. said…
Hi Sagu! Hahaha, Ecotools brushes are really a great alternatives to the more expensive brands. They're not too expensive here but of course it's still going to be cheaper in the US. And oh Alima! I've been curious about it... maybe I'll give it a try one day this year =)
Fifi said…
I've never tried makeup remover wipes! They sound practical :D

And yes I read at the packaging that the papaw ointment is made in Brisbane. cool!
Mai said…
I'm going to buy my Ecotools (well, now I admitted that I'm going to buy them! :D) at Makeup Masala, where the 6-piece brush set is $12.75, not bad at all! We don't have Ecotools here in Finland at all, so the only solution is to purchase online D:
.blushfully. said…
Hi Sagu, omg that's so cheap!! that's half the price they're selling it over here in Australia. It's annoying how Australia always sells it for double the price.

Hi Fif, hehe yeah those makeup remover wipes are practical. Pop one in your bag, leave one on your desk hahaha... too easy!

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