November 19, 2009

Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics

I found it in Ella Bache Salon today. I thought,
"OMG! I've heard this brand on the net! Didn't know it's here!"

It was just the next level down from where I work... Hahaha... Bad... I was on a break, and I thought I popped in to have a look at Ella Bache but I went out wondering about Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics. And, I just had to, didn't I, I had to do a colour matching... it only took about 5 minutes!! She was spot on straight from the first try! At least I thought so, until 27th/11/09 (see edit below)

Here is the colour chart... Youngblood Minerals Colour Chart

This is what I tried today... The Loose Mineral Foundation in Barely Beige (a tone in the Fair-Medium range, with yellow undertone)

It comes in a tub like this

What I think of it so far...
It was quite a perfect match! Awesome! I liked how my skin looked, it appeared fresh and awake, and the coverage was awesome, my face looks flawless!

However, maybe it wasn't blended properly or she put a little too much, that if I would to look at myself in the mirror maybe about a quarter of a meter distance, I would be able to see the particles or the powders sitting on top of my face, as though they've gathered and not settled yet.

However!! Now that it's been about 8 hours long since application, my face looks flawless and smooth, and not powdery, but due to my face oil, it might look "glowy" but I'd just call it a little "greasy" or "shiney", a little refreshment with the blotting papers and another round of transparent or lucent powder would be all good.

Note to self: Awesome coverage, flawless look.
Here is the makeupalley review on it ... CLICK HERE for the Foundation and CLICK HERE for Mineral Rice Setting Powder

It looks like this

(which I would love to try next... been looking for something like this for some time now, and they have a compact (pressed) for this! Yay!)

I'm sorry there's no photo... of my face with it on. but I couldn't take a photo straight after application because I was at work and I didn't carry my camera around with me.

Alright, I can't say I love this product because I haven't really tried it for long enough period of time. But I'm interested in what you have to say, whether you have tried any Mineral products? Or if you have tried Youngblood? Let me know. I am, to be honest, new to the Mineral Cosmetics line... I'm not even sure if it works for me, but hey, who knows...


PS: My first ever Everyday Minerals order arrived today. So I will talk about that as soon as I have tried it. I got the Flat Top Brush and Try Me Free Foundation in Medium. Stay tuned!!

EDIT 27th/11/09:
I found it at a Beauty Salon called The Beauty Boudoir (Toowong, Brisbane, Queensland) and the Beautician put Neutral (Fair-Medium range, pink-undertone). Now that's interesting, isn't it? Am I really a pink undertone? Or both yellow and pink? Or am I olive? I am confused!!

But, I must say it did look alright on me... Neutral... or am I missing something I should look out for? I mean, my face matched my neck and there wasn't any obvious separation between my face and my neck with Neutral colour on me... so ... what undertone am I!?!??!

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