November 16, 2009

First Crush Cosmetics Order & NOTW

OOhhhh after a long while of not buying anything online, I came across an Australian cosmetics online store!! And and and, the most exciting part is that they sell all kinds of NYX products that's hard to get here in Australia... and some Barry M, Urban Decay, China Glaze nail polishes even! The online store is called


So I was excited and thought I'd give it a try and omg, fast delivery! I just ordered this, seriously just last Friday the 13th, probably and I received the parcel today!! Monday! I got these: (nothing much... but I'm loving them already... hehehe)

- Black Bean Jumbo Eye Pencil (JEP) (simple, classic, all-time-use black)
- Milk JEP (have heard so many great things about this one, been lemming to try it!)
- Red Bean Pie Eyeshadow (have been wanting this colour since I first laid eyes on it)
- FREEBIE!!!! Plum Lipliner

The photo doesn't do Red Bean Pie justice on how lovely that colour is. It was Love at first sight! All these are very pigmented, and easy to apply, smooth texture... and the JEPs are indeed creammyyy.

Here's a sneakpeek on a light, first swatch (ignore the bad lighting, it's at night and I couldn't get any other lighting in my room at the moment):
I will surely do a proper review on these NYX products from Crush Cosmetics... =) Happy about them so far!

Moving on to NOTW (Nail of the week), here's the colour I have on my nails at the moment:

With flash...
Without Flash...
And just a close up of the thumb, but in the end I decided to just have it all plain blue...
Alrighty! That's all for now... A quick update~ Gooodnigghhhtt alllll


Shifa said...

wow love the nails gurlie

yzhuhuong said...

oh my God. i'm ordering in from Crush ASAP!

Christy said...

Glad you got in on some NYX. You're going to love the lip liner. :)

DANA said...

Hi hi hiiiii
Thanks, Shifa!! =D

YiiZhu!! Yes, do check it out, they do super fast shipping as soon as you've paid. It's an Australian Company so should be good.

Hi Christy!!
Thanks for visiting. Yeah, I'm glad I got these JEPs that are so hard to find here in Brisbane. I shall try the lip liner and let you all know... =]


em said...

love the nails! I need a white pencil, I might check out the NYX :)

yzhuhuong said...

my parcel has arrived yay! all products in good condition. and now i have THE urban decay primer potion. how awesome is that? :D thanks dana!

DANA said...

Hi Em!! Yeahhh do check it out, their shipping is really fast.

Yiizhu!! Happy that you got your Crush Cosmetics order!! Let me know how you go with them! =D Glad my blog helped! ^^