September 30, 2013

Mani Monday: Get Fuzzy with Sally Hansen








September 27, 2013

What’s Up September!?

This September we see… lots of new happenings in the beauty scene. A few to mention are…


Essie is now available at Priceline!
Yeap, you heard that right! Priceline!


This is not new, but I thought I’d share with you the shades available for you to choose from for Back 2 MAC.


I was kindly notified and gifted this Laura Mercier NEW Smooth Finish Foundation Powder.
Available now – AU$59

I actually really like this and kind of saving it for good days, I feel like it is a really delicious product I don’t want to waste it but I’m trying hard to stop myself from using it all the time! It’s so nice! It is not cakey, it really is a smooth finish. Despite it being a powder! Am I surprised? Yes! Love this! Now permanently living in my makeup pouch.


Beauty is Dior – Dior is beauty

How could I not say that? Just take a look at these new babies, hot hot hot!


Then we have BECCA new Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed – available now. In Brisbane you can find Becca at David Jones in Brisbane City. It retails for AU$60. Currently they are having promotion that when you purchase any Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Powder you can pick either the small or the medium Polishing (Duo Fibre/Stippling) Brush! That is one EPIC AWESOME deal! Mind you, a small polishing brush retails for AU$45, and the medium brush retails for AU$60 here. The promotion is also available in store, and in the beginning week of October, Becca is having complimentary makeup sessions. Go check it out!


We also have new foundation and concealer from CLARINSExtra Comfort SPF15 Anti-Ageing Creme Foundation and Instant Concealer – both now available in stores. Concealer AU$38. Foundation AU$80.

Clarins-ExtraComfortFoundation RRP $75

There we have it… a few new releases… not to mention MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pots – these will be permanent, so not to worry there!


Seen any of these? Any that caught your eye?


September 22, 2013

Latest MAC Lipstick Acquisition with B2M

Back 2 MAC – pretty sure almost everybody is aware of this system MAC has… that you give back 6 products (whether they be empty or used or you just don’t like them anymore) and you can pick 1 lipstick of choice. It used to be more freedom in choosing the lipstick, there are limitations now. I think there are only about 20 shades to choose from now. I already have a fair few of the ones that caught my eye, but this one… I did not have! Boy, am I glad I got my hands on this!




How stunning is this pink shade! Perfect for that moments you want to oomph up an outfit or when you’re feeling bleagh.

Shade: Girl About Town

Category: Amplified


September 16, 2013

Mani Monday: Caramelise with OPI Dulce De Leche


Is it just me or seeing this colour makes me think of churros and the dulce de leche caramel dipping sauce. Oh, em, gee m’gee!!


I’ve known of this shade for many years now, but never got into having it on my own, until now. Glad it found me after all these years.



OPI Dulce de Leche, I’m glad you’ve found your way into my life. Such a shade, you know you’ll be with me for many, many, many times ahead.


September 9, 2013

Mani Monday: Stayin’ Cool with Bourjois 08 Bleu Water



Just the baby blue I have been searching for!

Buttery application, no streak, I think they may have improved the formula and it is amazing.



- Bourjois, you’ve surprised me pleasantly over the years.


September 6, 2013

August ‘13 Favourites: Beauty, Fashion, Food & Movie

Let’s say, I can’t believe it’s now September. Where has the year gone? For the month of August, I came across some awesome finds that have stuck with me throughout the month and I can foresee myself ‘favouriting’ them in the months to come.


Let’s start with the beauty items, shall we?

Daiso Sponge/Brush Detergent – It comes in 80ml bottles, but I emptied it into this 280ml pump bottle (which I also purchased from Daiso). I stuck the label on it, and wah-lah. I love this, so affordable and clean the sponges/brushes so well. I use this to deep clean, not spot cleaning, because you do need to rinse it well, just like shampoo.

Daiso clothing laundry scrubber egg – thing… not sure what to call it other than describing it like that. It is sold as a scrubber for laundry, when you are hand washing. I thought right away of how perfect it is for deep cleaning my brushes! No more wasting detergent and over cleaning my hand. I squirt some detergent onto the grids.

Bourjois Healthy Mix Liquid Foundation No. 52 Vanilla – Wow, just wow, for a drugstore brand, Bourjois has totally improved. I have been enjoying using this foundation, seriously like the entire month. It blends seamlessly, and has enough coverage without too thin or too thick. The scent is quite refreshing, nothing offensive. Definitely a winner. It surprisingly last as well, and if it fades it does so subtly.

Bourjois Healthy Balance Unifying Powder No. 52 Vanilla – It claims to have Asian fruit therapy, hydrating and anti-shine. Okay, so I do agree with it being non-drying, non-cakey, and not shiny. It is a wonderful powder which I can see myself repurchasing in the future. I just enjoy using it that much. However, the Asian fruit therapy bit? *chuckles*. This is almost like Mineralized Skinfinish Natural without the price tag. And, it has a great mirror inside, and a very practical, compact packaging. It matches my skin, too, so that’s awesomeness.

Chanel Nail Polish in 533 April – The entire month, I mean, literally, even up till now as I am writing this, my toes are painted red. Something about it that makes me come back to having red nail polish on my toes. I predict, this will never die. Red nails = classic. End of story.

Simplicite Nourishing Hand & Nail Creme – My weird skin… has been reacting this winter. I never used to, but now? What’s all these? There are spots in between my fingers, on my left hand, that were red, dry, and just a sign of… warning. I tried putting other hand cream, but it just sits there or felt greasy or just did not help, because the red dry patch was still there! Visibly, noticeable, painfully annoying. Yes it was painful at times. So I sought out this hand cream. Lo’ and behold, it has disappeared. No pain, no redness, no flakyness, no dryness, like normal. Ah, Simplicite, you’ve never failed to wow me. Just take a look at the first 8 or so ingredients, you’ll see.


My ultimate best ever, favourite jeans, recently discovered and owned. From Jeanswest. Oh, boy, am I impressed. The lovely lady at Westfield Chermside just got it spot on when she brought this pair into my changing room. I had not even seen it in the store, but she picked it up, and eyeing it unassured, I tried it on anyway. It changed my life. Wow. Perhaps I need to get another pair now to switch it up. I just can’t get enough of wearing this nowadays. Can’t believe how good it feels to be wearing an awesomely fitting jeans. Yep, totally worth a mention in my favourite. Model: Bel Skinny 7/8 Size 10. Shade: Piper Blue. PS: I got it during sale.


Another favourite I recently acquired is this deep purple SABA pleather jegging that feels like jeans with that leather upper finish. I’ve had people asking whether it’s leather. Ha. Nah, I love this. It is so comfortable. Another favourite that will last another season or two or more. Model: Pleather Jegging DWW1380 Deep Purple



I’ve also been obsessed with monochrome, especially in eclectic and all-rounder pieces like this poncho/cardi above I spotted from Dissh one afternoon. Something so Holly Golightly or Audrey Hepburn about them black and whites. I’ve also been in love with this oversized slightly cat eyed sunglasses I acquired from The Iconic – from the brand Minkpink, model ‘Paparazzi’ in shade Matte Black. You can also find them in stores such as Universal Store, Dissh, etc.


For those who follow me on instagram (@cendanablush) you know I love my food. I always knew I like avocadoes, but oh boy oh boy, do I LOVE them now. Somehow it just goes so well with sourdough, I love the one with Kalamata Olive. In the photo above, I sprinkled some crushed pistachios and almonds. Drizzled a hint of honey and omg, breakfast heaven! I love breakfast food. Avocado mash even work so deliciously with vegemite. Then there’s avocado smoothie. Hahaha, omg. I know, I know.


And this movie. This is definitely one of my all time favourite now, and given the chance I think I’ll go watch it again. It is that inspiring, it is that good. I’m quite open in my choice of movies, I watch all kinds from Asian (Oldboy is one of the Korean movies you must watch, oh and Marathon), to Hollywood, to Indonesian and others, even Bollywood. However, this movie is just priceless. It has gained a lot of extra appreciation and love from me. Yes it is Bollywood, yet its essence is just so much more than I can convey. Its storyline, its history, the characters, just unbeatable. Even up til now, is there another Milkha Singh? Nope. And that actor … *swoon* eheheeee….

So we have it. August Favourites. :) Stay tune for more in next month’s favourite. I can already sense a few things. You can follow me on instagram, username is cendanablush. Or facebook or tweet me at blushfully.


Til next post~!


September 2, 2013

Mani Monday: Forever Red with Dior Trafalgar 657


Dior Vernis

Haute Couleur Extreme Wear Nail Lacquer

657 Trafalgar

Made in France


How do I describe thee?
Such beauty, such elegance, such sweetness
Smooth and sophisticated
Just tops it






No edit. All taken outdoor, natural light, sunlight.
No top coat. This is 1 coat. Believe it.