November 14, 2011

Weekend in Photos: 12/13th of 11th of 11

Saturday afternoon I went and checked out a new Japanese Noodles Restaurant called Mappen. It was located just next to Formosa (Asian supermarket) at the Sunnybank Plaza. It was a small restaurant with street food concept in mind. And I didn’t mind it. You order a dish, then you can add your own tempura (at varying costs from 80cents to $1 etc) and pay for it at the end of the line (the cashier).


My pick was “beef udon” and for $6.60 regular bowl size – I was satisfied. I also picked up a big slice of freshly fried sweet potato tempura, it was 80 cents. My mum and my sister tried out the other tempura.



Sunday… was a very sunny day… and I might introduce you to my muses… my models (HAH!)


and I…


Shorts – Forever New;
White Plain Tank Top – SES;
White Blouse – Supre;
Scarf – Sportsgirl;
Sunglasses – Charles & Keith

I love this pair of shorts, if you haven’t noticed, I’ve mentioned them in my previous post HERE

I’m eyeing these kinds and scallop shorts – need. them. badly…

Have a great week, everyone!



SilhouetteScreams said...

Nommm! I need to go on a food adventure to Sunnybank sometime soon. I've never been :P

Lisa said...

oh man it is SOOO warm where you are i'm so jelly!! adore your outfit girl and your hair looks so gorgeous love your bangs!!

man.. i'm seriously craving tempura now!!!

blushfully said...

@SilhouetteScreams: u've never been? it's pretty much all kinds of asian food haha whenever u feel like something .. asian

@Lisa: aawww and over here we are burning under the sun =( LOL! and thankkssss, though omg how fast does bangs grow! every 2 weeks - too fast! hahaha

Nora Chan said...

yummmm! now I'm hungry haha. I don't really go down to Sunnybank much for asian food, I always go to the valley or the city. Maybe I'll head down there one day :)



Oh can't wait to follow your blog when I'm on the comp! You have such lovely reviews & your posts seem so fun! All that food looks amazing & your outfit is so pretty! XO

Cendana K said...

@nora: valley has got wagaya which i like! and city, well, what can i say =) but for some viet pho or some others, sunnybank is the place .. hehe

@jennifer: thank you for checking out my blog ^__^ hopefully u enjoy many more of my posts