October 24, 2011

Ella Bache Myer Brisbane City Opening

Something about a new store, a launch, a new beginning that always excites me and this rush of little bubbles of excitement came over me when I took my mum to Ella Bache new store in Myer Brisbane City for their new salon opening on Tuesday 18th October.

And yes, if you’re wondering, the girl in the photos is indeed Jessica Watson.


I’m sure each and everyone of you have heard of the name, Ella Bache. However for those who are not aware…

“Because no two skins are alike” – Ella Bache

Ella Bache was created in Paris in 1936, she was a cosmetic chemist. Madame Bache believed that just as we are genetically individual, the same holds true of our skin. Her skincare belief that “no two skins are alike” ensured each client would always be treated as a unique individual. Her scientific understanding of the skin’s function, coupled with a wonderful sense of passion and creativity led her to explore the individual benefits of many food ingredients and she was one of the first to use tomato extract, codfish oil, vitamin C and lanolin to feed and protect the skin. (Ella Bache booklet – source)

I always remember Ella Bache as those with the naked girls advertisements that look like their skins are truly good enough to eat… girls in a spoon like desserts! You’ve seen them ads!


(Sources: Google – Click on images for links)


Apart from the new salon, Ella Bache is also introducing a new device for skin analysis called TrUView. This handheld device is exclusive to Ella Bache salons only. What it is…

This device would allow the beauticians and consultants to better analyse your skin type and concerns. That would allow them to better prescribe the right solution from Ella Bache. This device allows seeing past the surface of the skin to identify skin conditions faster, earlier and more accurately (Media Release – source).

This portable device uses powerful white light LEDs allowing for diagnosis in normal lighting conditions, even through makeup. This can uncover first signs of capillary damage, inflammatory conditions such as rosacea, hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tone and breakouts.

UV LEDs are used in darkened areas for a better thorough analysis of oil flow and sun damage. The UV LEDs is blue in colour.

The way it works is like physics – that topic on lenses and reflections.


The consultant would free-hand handle the device and look into your skin – like a handheld magnifying glass.


Being obsessed with anything that involves skin, I had to give this a try.


So after much viewing of my skin, my lovely consultant, Marina ticked all the appropriate boxes in the Solutions booklet for me to take home. This is to ensure I come home with good information on what kind of skin type I currently have, any skin concerns and the recommended products. Since, we know, no two skins are alike, yeah? (Quote: Ella Bache).

Verdict… (To be honest I was not surprised… You and I both know I’m quite critical and particular about my skin… face, I mean).

Skin Diagnosis:

- Clogging (blackheads) – on my nose
- Congestion – on my chin
- Oil flow – Normal to oily, since you could definitely see some oiliness on my forehead, my nose and the sides of my nose
- Hydration – Hydrated
- No pigmentation or sun damage! Yay!

So which products are for me? What’s my skincare recipe (as the booklet calls it)

Cleanser: Lait Exotique
Exfoliants / Deep Cleansers: Revitalisant
Eye & Neck: Crème Contour des Yeux
Suncare: Everyday Zinc 30+
Moisture Protective: Fruit d’Eclat
Treatment: Radiance C Facial Treatment

After all the detailed and thorough consultation, the two lovely ladies had a little discussion and suggested I try out the Revitalisant Exfoliant since my understanding of skincare is apparently not too basic – they thought this exfoliant is more in the “advanced” category of skincare products. Now THAT is interesting. Though, I will do a post later on after I have tried this exfoliant for some time, kay?


In this Ella Bache salon I also got to play around with some Jane Iredale cosmetics range – a huge range, I must say! I have heard of the brand from a friend of mine who says she only uses Jane Iredale foundation and the only one her dermatologist recommended for her, but I myself have not tried them personally. They’re not that easily accessible like some other brands, being only available in salons and selected stockists. The brand’s collection ranges from facial sprays, mineral loose powders, pressed mineral powders, liquid minerals, palettes, brushes, everything and anything makeup-wise they have it!


Although, I have to say… one of the pet peeves of mine is dirty brushes display. Since I didn’t have my own brush handy with me, I did not get to test out their mineral loose powder foundation. It contains Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide – ingredients that also provides excellent sun protection. Boy oh boy was I interested, but the thought of dirty brushes on my face gave me the shivers and I had to give it a miss.

Apart from that I did manage to take some shots with who’s who behind the event that afternoon… and a little shot of my mum and me.



Ella Bache offers a huge range of treatments and services such as manicure, pedicure, waxing, body wraps, facials and exfoliation (body and face)… The Clay Body Wrap or the Mud Body Wrap sound good, hehehe… I’m also curious to try out their sunscreen and cleanser, see how my skin feel about them. Who knows, right?

For more information, visit:

Ella Bache Brisbane Myer Centre
Shop 202, Level 1 Myer Centre
Queen St Mall, Brisbane Qld 4000
T: 07 3012 9779
E: myercentrebrisbane@ellabachesalons.com.au


Thank you to Brooke from KDPR for inviting me to this launch and thank you to Ella Bache for holding the event. Congratulations on opening a new store!


Some images are courtesy of KDPR and others are sourced via Google. Other images are mine and please do not use without permission.

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oh, I really wanted to go to this but I was at prac. I am jealous that you got to meet Jessica Watson!!