January 13, 2010

That Time of the Month

NOTE: The following information was gathered from several resources and own experiences. I have no mean to plagarise or claim the terms and information to be mine 100%. I am not a doctor nor am I a pharmacist nor am I a specialist of this matter in any way.

Dysmenorrhea, or commonly known as "period pain" or "menstrual cramps" is still a problem a lot of women are experiencing these days. I know I'm one. And as I am writing this, I have a hot pack pressed against my tummy, wishing it would go away soon so I could get out and play haha, not literally 'play' but it rhymed with away in that previous sentence ... and I just would like to go about my 'things to do' for the day. So anyway, back to these cramps. It is a natural cause. Some women don't have it, some do. I shall try my best to address the kinds of pains that may be suffered and some remedies to try and ease those pains. There are 2 different kinds: Spasmodic & Congestive. Symptoms may vary, but both are caused by hormone imbalance. If you have the cramps in the lower abdomen area, then it's Spasmodic. This pain may be so intense as of the first day of period and along with it could be nausea, diarrhoea, headache and dizzyness.

Congestive, on the other hand, is a continuous, nagging pain in the lower abdomen and back that normally start a week or more before the period. This may eventually gets worse. It doesn't disappear once you hit pregnancy.

So now, what kinds of things we might want to look at if we do experience this annoying and excruciating pain?

In no specific order:

1. Get into balance
This doesn't mean that healthier women won't get period pain 100%, this would improve your overall sense of wellbeing. Especially this particular time of the month, we tend to like eating junk foods, sweets for the sweet tooths such as chocolates and ice creams, coffee, and other salty foods. High content of salt and sugar would make you feel bloated and sluggish. Hence, try and eat more vegetables, fruits, chicken and fish instead. Oh and do not skip meals! And eat in small portions and space it out throughout the day instead of 3 massive meals. You don't want to feel bloated and feel nauseous later on!

2. Vitamins Intake - Take It!
Now I don't mean to suggest "Go and take 10 vitamins twice a day" kind of thing. I simply refer to the normal intake of vitamins, daily or twice a day after meals. Multi-vitamins are good. And some other minerals to take note of that could assist in easing the period pain include: Magnesium, Calcium, and Potassium. Magnesium and Calcium being the most popular. Magnesium is important in the body because it helps in absorbing Calcium better. So you may want to increase your Calcium and Magnesium intake before and during your period.

3. Caffeine and Alcohol - Avoid It!
Caffeine is commonly found in our daily tea and coffee. Avoid consuming too much of these drinks, as high level of caffeine would just contribute to the pain. It may trigger your mood swings, irritability, and the oils in coffee could also irritate your intestines. Instead, take herbal tea or lemon/hot water drink.
High alcohol intake would only cause you to go to the toilet more often. They are diuretics, along with caffeine. Not good. It will pretty much wash out all the important minerals you take.

4. Warm Up
Warmth could increase your blood flow and relax your muscles. I know this from experience, I always have to have a hot pack or heating pad or hot-water bottle or something warm or put on more clothes when I'm cramping. Place it on your abdomen for a few minutes at a time. If the pack is too hot, wrap a towel around it or place it outside your clothes, not directly straight on your skin, please... I don't want any complaints later stating that anyone has hurt themselves. It can get really hot, be careful.

5. Take a warm bath
This relates to the previous number, the idea is similar. You can also try 1 cup of sea salt and 1 cup of baking soda to a warm bath. Soak for 20 minutes.
Or you can get some lovely bath bombs and enjoy and relax...

6. Take a walk Or do stretches
Yeah if you're in such pain, don't worry about this point. But! This is meant to be done preferably before your period anyway. Any form of exercise would be just fine to keep your body at balanced form.

7. Make Love
I'm quoting this information from other resources and believe it or not they all always include this as one of their remedies. Interesting, huh? They all say that having sex with orgasm will relieve your cramping. This is due to the vigorous muscle action that generates high blood flow and other fluids away from the particular painful area that may have been congested, hence relieving pain.

8. Take Pills
I confess, I'm a pill taker. Every month on this particular occasion I would have at least finish half a pack of those 24 tablets pack of either Period Pain tablets, or simply the Ibuprofen tablets, or recently the Ibuprofen plus Codeine tablets. Ibuprofen is the main active ingredient to relieve the symptoms you experience. You can get these tablets over the counter at your local pharmacies. Brands such as Neurofen, Advil, Nuprin, they all should have Ibuprofen in them. Just ask for Period Pain relieving tablets or anything that contains Ibuprofen. If Ibuprofen itself does not seem to work as fast or as well, try one that has Codeine in it. Start with 1 or 2 tablets after meal, take tablets with water or milk. Do not exceed 6 tablets in 24 hours.

Beware: consult your pharmacist or your doctor first if you have never taken any of the particular medication mentioned. And do not exceed the recommended daily dose, it is important to use it strictly as directed. Excessive intake can be harmful.
If you have any allergic reaction, stop taking it and see your doctor immediately.

Well, I hope that has been helpful to anyone out there who suffers it too. Have a rest, and I shall talk to you all real soon! Mwaaaahh!


LilliChantilly said...

OMG I found someone who understands my pain! I go through the same thing every month and it prevents me from going about my daily life. I make sure to take my vitamins because it really helps. I also microwave a bean bag and leave it on my lower abdomen. One thing that I need to do is stretch or exercise before my period- which I have little determination to do because I'm lazy, but I really want to start because it's good for the body :) Thanks for this post, I'm sure it'll help a lot of girls out there :) xx

Tammy said...

Drinking water helps too!!

hhahaha making love...oh i suppose most guys won't mind it in exchange for sex LOL