August 10, 2015

Easing back into blogging

I was hitting the accelerator pedal years ago when I started blogging. I had hit the brake in the past year or two when I started pursuing my other love of being creative in the floral design field. Do I miss blogging? yes I sure do. Do I ever run out of things to say or review or write about? No, actually that's not the case. It is more about whether or not it is worth writing it out loud. I can be a little irritated at myself because the blog is not how I envisioned it to be, hence at times I kept wanting to perfect it... but perhaps the thing I should just do is to keep going... to keep writing.

I haven't been as crazy in buying or wearing makeup too, despite my undying love for them. So many other things in life crop up on you and you prioritise where your hard earned money goes towards... as you know what I mean.

I have received messages and emails in regards to my blogging and I thank you all for that. Really! It makes me want to get back into blogging even more.

At times though, I feel that the world has become too saturated now with the bloggers... it's kinda crazy. It used to not be as how it is now. When we all first started back in the 2009s... all of us bloggers... I think we all had a different mindset on how things were going to go or had no idea that it was going to be such a hit... this field of blogging. Every second person I know now blogs, either it is about food or beauty... what a world. That's one of the things that has put me off a little... especially the past a year... because I wonder if you would still like to hear my thoughts...?

Another things, this blog was started as purely a beauty blog, however I want to incorporate life topics, floral design, home cook, etc. What do you think?

Talk soon :)

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