March 10, 2014

Weleda March/April Promotion

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Weleda is having a promotion this March/April months with 25% off the One-Step Cleanser & Toner.

It is an easy step to remove face makeup before washing your face. This is what I am using it for, rather than a sole cleanser. I prefer to double cleanse and wash my face after wearing makeup throughout the day.

This contains witch hazel which is an overall clarifying toner for the skin. However it may be drying if you have dry skin.

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The scent is quite strong and I could straight away tell it’s an astringent type. My skin is not a huge fan of it generally, so take note. Hence why I avoid the eyes straight away when using this. It does leave the skin feeling clean and it works alright in the areas I am most oily (on nose especially). Although I think it still does not cleanse as thorough as some other facial makeup remover cleansers, due to the fact I do test this when using foundation etc.

It is milky look to it but very watery, so this is not one to massage into the skin like cleansing lotions or creams. It is not as gentle, unfortunately, as I could feel some kind of either menthol or that sort of feel to it. I feel that this would work amazingly for teenagers and early university days rather than at my age now and onwards.

On another note, Weleda is a lovely company that has been around way way longer than my mother or my grandmother have been around! There’s gotta be something there…

You can find Weleda at David Jones, and selected health food shops.

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Have you tried any Weleda product? Which is your favourite? Any that is a must try?

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