March 3, 2014

About Me | 10 Things My Hands Do + Heart to Heart

2014-02-28 18.52.45
Happy Monday~
Let’s chat… ‘tis a new week, a new month, and it’s officially Autumn here in Australia. How’s everyone doing?
This post is slightly on the personal side, which I don’t normally dwell into, as a blog post, you know it. Although I feel, I may want to let this out a little, now, to get it off my chest. I want to acknowledge some things. It is a part of me, and for the longest time I am in constant battle with myself, with my own self. Perhaps you’ll get to know me a little better this way.
  1. I play musical instruments such as piano, viola (and other strings), guitar, guzheng… with varying level of ability. One instrument that I’d love to play as well in the future is the Soprano Saxophone.
  2. I draw, sketch, paint, design, doodle, scrape foiling etc… with/on any medium.
    Note: Before instagram, before tumblr all that… there was and is what you call DeviantArt and I’m in that…
    You can check it out a little of my old things from everything like poetry, to writing, to photography to drawing etc
    DeviantArt: springfallrain
  3. I like to write (whether it be creative story or poetry or anything) and blogI actually started blogging many years ago just to document my poems and writings, it has somehow evolved to this.
  4. Anything handcrafty
  5. I can dissect pretty well (anatomy-related), patient and detailed.
  6. I can knit (just haven’t done it in a long while), and cross stitching…
  7. I cook or make food things – … and I get creative at times…
    This photo below is oatcakes with buckwheat flour (or coconut flour) + plain greek yogurt + cranberries (or any other fruits can also work) and 100% cocoa powder + honey (or agave syrup if you prefer). See, even as I am telling you about this food I am telling you other options and alternatives…
  8. I do makeup artistry… like this below

    2010-04-13 20.09.062010-04-13 19.56.49
  9. And a little hair… styling…
    2010-04-13 19.57.39
  10. I do floral designs… the following are roses imported from Colombia.
2014-02-24 11.06.23
2014-02-13 10.57.36
2014-02-13 11.33.28-1
I guess one could say I’m finding myself in this sea of everything… What is it that I dream of, what is it that I ponder about… It has never been a smooth sailing road and it will never be, at least for me, but down the future track… I’m sure there’s something planned out for me, I just don’t know it yet. Is that wrong to think that? Is it a failure of me that I am not who I thought I would be, at this age? There are many more adventures to come, and many more places to explore. 

I’m still hesitant in posting this up, merely because the term “10 things my hands can do” may be a little strange. I am letting it off my mind… that I do these things… of course, not to say I do all 10 everything all the time! There are some of them that I don’t do often or haven’t even done in a while! Good heavens, no. Hahas… It’s just that, for some reason, I’ve been gratefully given these two hands that are always itchy to be doing handcraft/hand works/arts/something creative … again, despite my other more “serious” / “researcher” / “science” approach to life and other things. I guess you’re right in thinking “what the!?”… well, I’ve never spoken about it at all anyway. Hence why I find it difficult just to even share this.

I have a vision, “c’est la vie” they say…
I’m still on that road… that I took, that is less taken…
I’m unconventional… I’m not delusional.
I want to be known as someone who cares,
as someone who does something good.
Everyday I am garnering strength to stay strong and keep moving forward… there are those around me whom I am thankful for, who have always been my rock, my breath of fresh air, my sanity.

much love,
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beautyholicsanonymous said...

Dana, you are one super talented lady! That's an AMAZING lot! x

lisa said...

you're so multi-talented babe! i love it!! i find that the most interesting people are the most creative :) i love that picture of you clutching the roses you look so beautiful!! and your oatcakes look delicious!

Dana K said...

was so hesitant in posting this >_<""" but thank you for stopping by my humble little blog, i feel so honoured Ms Beautyholics Anonymous has popped by my blog and commented! Wahhhh... ^_^

Dana K said...

that was an amazing bouquet of 33 roses I was making there, omg I know right! someday I hope to meet you in person, Lisa! I'll make you those oatcakes hehe :) xx thank you for stopping by my blog and always so supportive!

beautyholicsanonymous said...

Oh pfffttt! :-P

Rachel said...

Just lovely. Keep writing, you do it really well and you're great at describing. I like the way you set out your blogs :)