March 27, 2013

NEW Bobbi Brown in Surabaya, Indonesia


Few weeks ago, Bobbi Brown finally opened up a counter in Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia. Just google it if you don’t know where that is. It’s where my childhood began.

Bobbi Brown has actually entered Indonesia but mostly, everything are in Jakarta, so the rest of the cities are just a little… uhm, behind.

Nonetheless, I’d just like to take this opportunity to share with you what it was like, since I managed to attend it. Yep, I was in Surabaya at that time. What a timing. Coincidence, much?

Before heading off to Tunjungan Plaza (where the counter would be) I went to a hairdresser to get my hair done. He’s not just any hairdresser. He is a lovely lovely person who has known me ever since I was a wee toddler! Can’t believe how time flies! You can check out his salon at Jeffrey Hair & Makeup, Taman Ketampon (Bintoro), Surabaya.

I went from this… my natural hair, just blow dried…




I could not NOT take photos of these two fur babies. They are uncle’s chihuahuas. They are too cute, especially how affectionate they become once they know you let them nap on your lap. LOL! Flix (the white one) is 5 years old, while Flash (the black one) is 5 months old. Cutesy pies!!


Too curly for my liking but this was freshly done, the hair was just meant to loosen up after some time. My hair is just flat, straight and doesn’t usually hold curls that well. We just wanted to try if it would hold the curl longer if we did a tighter curl in the beginning and let it loosen up over the minutes hours.

Now off to…


The counter was packed with people, chattering and trying out the products. The other counter surrounding it looked kinda sad, since Bobbi Brown was the star that day. Funny though, because to me Bobbi Brown is nothing new, but to them who have never seen the brand were all like going mental… as you’d expect.







And what did I pick up from there? Initially, being a lover of brushes that I am, I have always been eyeing their brushes. But they are so out of my budget right now and thought I shall get them another time…one day. So, I only ended up with this Limited Edition palette with me. ^_^


I have no palette like it and so far I have no complain – always a good sign! Yay!
Swatches and thoughts of it will be coming up soon in the blog :)

What’s your favourite product from Bobbi Brown? Or perhaps you don’t have a BB counter in your home country?



Not a paid or sponsored post, was based purely on personal experience.

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