February 2, 2013

Empties–January ‘13

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(not in photo) Colgate Plax Alcohol Free Freshmint 12Hr Protection Mouth Wash 250mL

Wanna hear more about what I finished up recently?

First, we have Johnson’s Body Care in Dreamy Skin. A body wash with chamomile, lavender and moonflower essences in 1 Litre. I have been using this for several months and enjoyed it each time. No reaction or red blotches whatsoever. Happy me! It smells very soothing too and very relaxing especially at night time before bed time. It has a gentle, milky consistency. I bought this during 3 for 2 at Coles awhile back. Definitely a repurchase in the future :)

Next, we have two hand wash. Oh yes, must be the antibacterial ones. If not, just pointless in my opinion. Especially after you have been cleaning or mopping or gardening or trimming the puppy or what not, y’know. These two do not lather as much or as amazing as Lifebuoy but these would do, since I believe Lifebuoy has been taken out of the Australian markets. Sad me =/

Tricare in Lime Splice can be purchased from Aldi. Super cheap, like less than $2, from my memory. It smells…just as it claims – Lime Splice. Refreshing, I enjoy the scent, very much. Definitely a repurchase.

Bathox Soap Free in Lemon can be purchased from Chemist Warehouse. Well, last time I bought it from there. It was pretty cheap too, somewhere around $3 for the huge 600ml pump bottle. Warning! It smells strongly of lemon, totally something that’s only passable as a hand wash, I’d say. Good for removing odours from chopping garlic, fish, onions, things like that. Cheh, it is in the scent Lemon, k. Uhm and aah-ing whether to repurchase.

Garnier Mineral Deodorant Sprays – in Sensitive, Silky and good God what’s that blue one… Invisible, I think it was? So I have been using this for months and months, hence the sudden “We have 3 down!” scenario here. Gah, how I hate those that just stays wet and gives you discomfort throughout the day because either it leaves white marks, or dark patches. These don’t do any of that. When they go on sale, they are very cheap too. Win win!! Will have to repurchase because they are oh, so convenient.

Simplicite Hydrating Floral Toning Lotion Alcohol Free – with Thyme, Angelica and Chamomile. This one is for the combination, oily, breakout, sensitive skin. For reference, my skin is not overly oily, nor is it breaking out bad. It is rather on the sensitive side and yes, it is a combination skin type. I enjoy both of Simplicite toners but it is summer and all, so I opt for this one, this season. I had this since October 2012 and I just recently finished it. That is with daily usage, twice a day, several spritz each time. I enjoy using this, has not caused any reaction and works so well with the other Simplicite product range. It is gentle, refreshing, smells good and does not contain any alcohol, no added perfume or paraben.

Last but not least, is the mouth wash. It is Colgate Plax Freshmint (Alcohol Free). I definitely prefer the alcohol free because it does not burn my entire mouth and makes me cry. Enough said.


What have you emptied recently? :)



Disclaimer: All products mentioned were purchased by me. No affiliation or sponsorship from any of the brand mentioned.

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