August 5, 2012

Photolog What Life Has Been

With the university semester 2 started two weeks ago, I feel like I’m on a limbo between holiday mode and getting back into a routine study mode. It has been hectic and does not look like it’s going to die down anytime soon, in fact, it only just beginning. Some days I start at 8 and finish at 5… so don’t mind my randomness and bursts of posts at uneven times.

I suppose it’s only fair I shall show you some photos from what has been happening…

2012-07-26 15.41.44

Found that La Roche-Posay is now available at Terry White (selected)

2012-07-18 11.00.16

Beautiful dress found… but with that high tag price… *cry*

2012-07-18 10.36.54

Want a fur vest… like this one

2012-07-21 11.41.45

Rama is still too cute

2012-07-22 22.29.16

Finally watched My Week with Marilyn starring Michelle Williams as Marilyn Monroe

2012-08-02 16.24.06

Spotted a super cute blazer but not quite sure whether I need one… sif I “need” one

2012-08-02 19.19.56

went to Cirque du Soleil circus for the first time. Excited. Ovo. Oooovvvoooo…..

2012-07-28 09.38.17

Been enjoying Dermalogica Ultra Sensitive Tint spf 30 Ultra Calming very much that I have been wearing it everyday. Some days I just wear this alone!

2012-07-28 16.58.26

Been craving this a lot lately! Why! Why! It’s also been reduced in price to only $1.50. *grins*

2012-08-04 20.37.38

Rama… again =)



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