July 6, 2012

The week that’s been through my Samsung Galaxy S3

Ever since I got the Samsung Galaxy S3 the view I have of the world kind of altered a little. I looked through the lenses a lot more and things that may not be much look just as inspirational through the tiny lens inbuilt in my phone. The following photos you will see were taken with the phone and no further editing, except those Instagram-med, which you might have already seen in my Instagram by the name ‘cendanablush’.

Perhaps I should call this a photolog or perhaps just an update of what’s been happening. Either way I like this sort of posts in other blogs especially from Adeline at Through Beauty Eyes and Roseanne from Roseannetangrs.

I shall let the photos do the talking.


From top left going clockwise:- The Nut Market Crunchy Peanut Butter (From James St Market); Shin Ramyun (without soup) with Korean Mayonnaise and Fried Egg; Grill’d Lamb Burger with Herbed Hummus and Goat’s Cheese; Grill’d Chicken Caesar Salad; The Coffee Club Mocha (on a cold evening…)


The kinds of boots I have my eyes on – but have not obtained! Yet!
A hot bright pink coat – it was cute, but I didn’t get it…
And you can see the phone here (with the charm inclusive haha)


Rama getting fluffier by day as I didn’t groom him this winter to keep him warm
Amazing how they seem to know your emotions…

Next few photos are taken from Instagram – boy I love the effect and the editing it provides!
Some of my fav photos taken by … blushfully me ^___^


My current favourite tinted lip balm – Hue No. 30G – super!


Current skincare range to trial – the new L’Occitane Angelica
Love the texture and the feel of the Exfoliator, first impression was good-o-good!


Delicious Roast Pork Laksa at Laksa Hut
I shall attempt to make again – I love my own laksa…


I’m not usually a fan of Tiramisu but this Movenpick Tiramisu ice cream just changed my mind, completely!
The creaminess – it is to DROOL for!


If you have not seen this, these are some of my current favourite makeup products that I can literally wear everyday everytime anytime anywhere – done deal!


And I LOVE LOVE LOVE this photo – I took it from a store called Bed Bath ‘N’ Table
Even I surprised myself at how wonderful it turned out! So vintage yet so chic and so… I don’t know… there’s a character to it that screams to me.


Alright… that’s all folks! Till next time~

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