March 27, 2012

Review: Australis Voluptulash Mascara

After using waterproof mascara to hold my curled lashes ever since I started my obsession with makeup and skincare, I never thought I would be able to use a non-waterproof mascara. Awhile ago very few brands made some amazing non-waterproof mascaras that held my lashes very nicely in the names of Hourglass, NARS and some Japanese brands such as Coffret D’Or, Majolica Majorca and Shiseido. However, I did not expect a very budget brand such as Australis to come up with a similar technology. The tubing formulation – have you heard of it?


What they say:

Silicon curved brush for the ultimate building mascara.
Simple brush through to ensure separationg and no clumps.
Easy wash-off tubing formulation for no ‘panda eyes’

Ultimate volume and building mascara! The curved silicon brush tapers to evenly coat each lash, even in the inner corner of the eye. Delivers natural looking, defined lashes.

Survey (based on consumer Facebook Trial Team with 70 respondents) says that 100% of people found lashes were thicker and volumised.

Let the photos speak for themselves, shall we?


The brush is of silicon bristles, one of those comb-like shape. I would call the texture on the creamy side, it is not too wet nor is it too dry.


A shot of my bare lashes that has been curled with Shiseido Eyelash Curler


The lifted after effect


So what do I think of it?

Does it volumise? I think it does and especially if you let it set then build a second coat.

Does it clump? Not really no I can’t say so, and this I am impressed. When I pull out the wand for the first time from the tube, the bristles had no clumps on them.

Does it smudge or smear throughout the day? No, impressively no.

Is it comfortable? Yes, I’ve worn it for an entire day straight with no discomfort and I wear contact lenses.

Now to the fun part… does it really wash off easily? Yes and no, you kind of need to know a technique of washing this off. If you just going to splash water on it, it may not budge, but with a touch of warm water and press gently on your lashes to loosen them up and sort of stroke downwards with your finger and open your eyes… (if that even made any sense…) you will actually see “tubes” coming off… like this…

EDIT: Actually, when you are in the shower, the mascara would actually just wash off... By the end of your shower you should be mascara-less. Easy peasy! Simple and effective for everyday :)


No it is not my lashes, it is the mascara.

PS: I’ve been wearing this every single day – for its convenience and comfort. I’m enjoying its natural oomph effect on my natural day-to-day look as well.


RRP: $10.95

Available at Priceline, Target, Kmart, Big W and selected Pharmacies


Disclaimer: The product has been provided for review consideration as per disclosure statement. All opinions and images are 100% my own. Do not use without permission.

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