February 27, 2012

Flash Fact #1: What is Calamine?

Those who have had chicken pox would have heard of Calamine. What is it, really?

calamine lotion

Calamine is a mixture of Zinc oxide (You might have heard it from sunscreen ingredient) and 0.5% of ferric oxide (aka Iron(III) oxide).

Calamine lotion soothes and protects the irritated skin. It does not prevent but treat the symptoms.

The lotion once applied to the skin evaporates, leaving a cooling sensation hence the itch relief. Make sure to shake the bottle first, because the ingredients tend to separate whilst left standing.

Calamine can also be used to treat sunburns, eczema, insect bites and other types of infections, as it is also an antiseptic.

Calamine can also be used to treat acne, however as Calamine can dry out the skin, it may lead to skin irritation where acne is involved.


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