February 4, 2012

An Afternoon At Harbour Day Spa

I dialed the numbers, acting like a headless chicken looking right, looking left, looking back inside a parked car.

“Uhm… Hi. My name is Cendana and I have an appointment at 1pm at the Harbour Day Spa. May I ask you… is your spa a house? It’s 152 Shore St, isn’t it?”

The lady on the other line chuckled, “Oh my! For some reason the GPS always takes people to the wrong side! You’re on Shore St North, we are on Shore St West. Go back…”

“Uh oh… whoopsssss!!!”

That. That was the start of the afternoon. I literally went to a wrong destination. Anyway, all’s well because I did a u-turn and found that it was more situated at a shopping complex. Not a house, silly.


Last Monday I was invited by Harbour Day Spa at Raby Bay, Cleveland to experience their treatment services. I booked mine at 1pm and little did I know that I was going to finish at around 5pm. Perfect timing for me. Plus, it took me about 1 hour and 30 minutes or so to travel to and from. Anyway, more on that later!

Harbour Day Spa (& Salon, I should really include that because they do superbly at hair) has two branches. One at Raby Bay, Cleveland and the other down at Broadbeach, Gold Coast. I had the opportunity to visit the one with Thai-inspired interior design. Intriguing… it made me miss Bali. Bali has a similar aura in terms of décor when compared to Thai. It is situated next to the harbour, which literally oomph the sensation that you are at a luxurious getaway. Simply… beautiful…

A little bit about Harbour Day Spa

The Raby Bay was established in 2004 by Leanne and Tracey. Then the Gold Coast one was launched in 2009. The aim has been to provide excellent hair and beauty services, covering anything from hair, face and body.

The Raby Bay spa has been modeled on a luxurious Thai inspired retreat, while the Gold Coast spa is of the Italian Riviera. Both offer multiple indulgent treatment rooms, spacious relaxation areas, full hair salon and make-up artistry.

Harbour Day Spa has received multiple awards for artistic styling. Colourists, hair stylist, eyebrow waxing, threading, you name it, they have it.

Harbour Day Spa is the proud winners of multiple hair and beauty excellence awards nationally and is the current holder of the Best Day Spa in Australia (APAA) and Reader's Choice Best Day Spa in Australia (ASpa).

Let me just share the photos to let you in on the experience…

First we entered the waiting room where tea of the day is served. That day was Peppermint Tea. Aah, very soothing, I’d say! I also had to fill out a patient’s form where I answered a detailed and thorough history and conditions of my skin. Also to answer any concern and products that you have been using.


Next I went to the change room and change to the provided robes and slippers. They provide you with a locker to place your jewelry, your shoe, bag. Well you need that since you strip bare, almost. I felt very much homey by this time, walking around in slippers. Nothing beats comfort!


Then I waited at the Tranquil room filled with aromatic candles and dried apricots and almonds. Relax and rewind… and calm your nerves! **dried apricots…nyum nyum nyum**


Now the next room is a very fascinating one. It holds a machine, a technology called Visia. This scans your skin and can analyse how it will look like in 5 years time. Oh lord, what will become in 5 years?

First, you place your face inside the machine. The right side of the face is your driving face so that is where it will scan.


Silly me I did not write down the percentages. Although what I gathered was it is best for me to start the preventative measures now. In years to come, wrinkles or lines around my eyes may become more prominent. I may also get more uneven skin textures. Yikes! Jotting down lists of products and routines to do to maintain my current skin state or bettering it.


At the Treatment room, you would be welcomed with rose petal foot soak that was very soothing and lovely I definitely would want a bowl in my bathroom at home. Unfortunately no photographs once I was inside the Treatment room since I was simply lying there on the bed trying to calm my nerves. Then the facial began.

Truly experienced, Ellen, the lovely and ever so knowledgeable with beautiful skin beauty therapist, analysed my skin conditions further by feeling the texture of the skin. She did notice my concerns over some congestions on my chin and nose. And the fine lines around my eyes – horror, horror!

Step 1: Cleanse

She used a spa-only cleanser during the treatment but recommended the EmerginC Deglazing Cleanser if I were to take one home with me. (I have so many cleansers at home I had to stop myself from getting a bottle). She recommends gel cleansers for those prone to acne and tend to get oily.

Step 2: Exfoliate

Physical exfoliation using O Cosmedics Exfoliating Cleanser, which smelled of cranberries. Yummy!

Step 3: Peel

I am sure she used another spa-only product but the prescribed product for this step is EmerginC Triple Threat Peel. This is a chemical peel which literally made my skin go “squeak, squeak” when she removed it using a face cloth. Like a pacman, it chews down the dead layer of skin cells (quote Ellen). Oh So Clean!!!

Step 4: Massages

And plenty of it… I’m a fan of back, shoulder and head massages and this is it. The ultimate. I also braved myself a foot massage, because I am a big ticklish one when it comes to anybody touching my feet. I am always scared I would kick their face! But no, I didn’t… I enjoyed the foot massages.

I loved how at the end of the treatment there is a patient’s copy, which the beauty therapist writes down all the prescribed (recommended) products for you to use at home. Of course there are multiple spa-only products that make it a point of difference because you can’t really do your own massages like how they do it at the spa. Or perhaps some products are not meant to be used too abundantly at home and only supposed to be administered by professionals. However I like how straightforward and simple the steps are.



EmerginC Deglazing Cleanser
No toner


O Cosmedics Exfoliating Cleanser – can be used every 2nd day
EmerginC Triple Threat Peel – to be used only 1-2x a week (is potent)

Eye Treatment

EmerginC Hyper-Vitalizer Eye Cream – use the size of a pea every night and day


EmerginC Active Hydrating Complex – can be used day and night, a lightweight oil-free gel moisturizer that helps to soothe and hydrate the skin.


O Cosmedics Mineral Pro SPF 30+ – contains 20% Zinc Oxide this is the perfect physical blocker that is sheer, lightweight and review will be coming up in the following month, stay tuned and look out for that.

Very simple! I think so.

Verdict after facial?

My skin felt smooth and soft with that boing-boing feeling (I’m borrowing the term from Tine at Beautyholics Anonymous). That “boing boing” feeling I can’t get over. The clean feeling. The fact that my face did not turn red or feel any irritation or itchiness. Big bonus plus points!!!

That’s be all.


Waaaiittt… I’m not done yet!

I did say they also have a superb hair salon… and I was lucky enough to experience a full shampoo, scalp massage, and hair styling treatment. By this time it was already about … oh I dunno… late afternoon.


And the result…after using Cloud Nine The Wide Iron.

Lily, the hairstylist is so stylish from head to toe I have to include this quote: “Sebastian is Fashion!!” *chuckles* She really is experienced.

Some hair tips (for my flat, lack of volume, dead straight hair):

While hair is still wet, spray some hairspray (making sure it does not contain Lacquer, because Lacquer will make it sticky and weigh your hair down making it hard to work with). Then when you blowdry, it will give a hold because the hair has not ‘set’. Y’see, the hair set when it dries. If it has done so, just wet it and hairspray and style.

When using the iron to do these loose toussled waves on the hair, you don’t have to go in exact same directions or sections to make it look more natural and to get that beach babe waves.

For my oily, greasy scalp, she recommends triple wash. Meaning that I could try doing a triple shampoo to really cleanse my scalp so the oil does not weigh down the roots of the hair.



More photos showcasing you the interior design of the place.


They also offer make up services using Australian brands namely Issada and Napoleon.

I’m so relaxed by the end of the day I could not keep my eyes open…


You can visit their website for more information at http://www.harbourdayspa.com.au

Their current special offers are totally worth looking into http://harbourdayspa.com.au/category/specials/current

Their contact information and how to get there can be found

Raby Bay Spa

Corner of Shore Street and Masthead Drive
Raby Bay Cleveland Queensland 4163 Australia
T 07 3821 2955   F 07 3821 0477

Gold Coast Spa

24-26 Queensland Avenue
Broadbeach Queensland 4218 Australia
T 07 5531 5121

Plenty of free on site parking, too!

PS: You can also book for a couple! Try it!


Thank you Harbour Day Spa and Salon~!

An experience I won’t forget.

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