August 29, 2011


It sure has been a long while I last wrote something, really write something, when I used to do that quite often. That often that I documented it in a separate blog and that was actually how I began blogging in the first place, though that was more personal and nothing too public.

However as time goes by and incidents happen, I thought it would be simply appropriate to share with you what I had written before. It’s a little bit funny that I find writing to be therapeutic in a way, just like putting makeup on in the morning. So here’s a little something I wrote in December 16th, 2008 called Twisted.

The sun sunk below the horizon
Shouldn’t let sorrow drowned me further
But my stomach twisted in discomfort
As my mouth tasted bitter

The night sky holds the silver moon
Shining all through the night
But would you bring a moon to my sky soon?
There’s nothing but darkness in sight

I can’t sleep maybe I don’t want to
Thoughts running through my head
And things I don’t care to do
Adventures far away I long for instead.

I best be off… eyes… are… closing…

PS: Prayers and thoughts are in remembrance of a good friend who recently passed away. May he now rests in peace. Words cannot express… how much we all miss you…

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