August 11, 2011

New Code of Seduction–Armani Sport Code

For the man in your life or just for those who like masculine scent – I know I do (I really like the smell of Armani Code for Men)

Fragrance is one of those tricky things that either you like it or you don’t and there are those in between. There’s something in the Armani Code that makes me want to sniff it again and again. Could be its sensual sense of scent… could be its masculinity that gives me a warm fuzzy feeling… we all react to scents individually.

Armani calls this new Sport Code as A New Code of Seduction and I shall let you in what they have to say about this particular fragrance.

The Next Episode of the Armani Code Saga

Code Sport is set amidst the unsettling chiaroscuro of Los Angeles nights. Seduction flirts with the danger of losing control through a spirited and sensual game, embodied by a fragrance displaying unexpected contrasts. The freshness of a swimming pool lit only by the moon, the heat of expectant bodies. A game of power that is tempting to lose, perhaps for an instant. The power of a body. Sport as a code of seduction.

Now before I continue… if you’re like me and English is not your first language, you would probably not have heard or seen the word “chiaroscuro” – I haven’t, until now. So what is that exactly? I looked it up. In art, it is the strong contrast between light and dark, a technical term usually used by artists and art historians for using contrasts of lights to achieve a kind of three dimensional image of the drawings or paintings (such as the human body) (source: Wikipedia)

Let’s continue on as to what else Armani is saying about this new Sport Code and this following paragraph I really have to share…

Seduction is His Mode of Operation

His elegance is as sharp as a knife, the kind that you hide in the pocket of a tuxedo. His gaze is hypnotic and his presence magnetic. The Code man has earned his place in the scented pantheon of great seducers. For Code Sport he bares all, yet is never vulnerable, such is the perfection of his body, a weapon in itself. It allows him to be seduced without ever losing his own power. He can abandon control for an instant, only to better regain it later. 

So what’s in this fragrance? We have…

Mint – Spearmint, peppermint and wild mint
Sicilian mandarin
Citrus fruits
Vetiver – also known as Chrysopogon zizanioides or khus, a perennial grass native to India
Ambrox – definitely fascinating (source: Perfume Shrine)

And I’m suddenly hit with a poetic bee and came up with the following little… you know what…

Perhaps it’s the ambrox or the vetiver
Perhaps the way it makes me quiver
Inhalation leads to intoxication
Seduction without
(written by me, do not copy without permission, inspired by Armani Code)



30ml  RRP $84
50ml  RRP $115
75ml  RRP $140

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All images and information were courtesy of L’Oreal PR

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