June 22, 2011

POTD Naked Palette

POTD – Picture of the day? Or can I say… Product of the day?

I’m trying to contain my excitement when I saw the black parcel stamped beautybay.com at my doorstep. If you all been following us on twitter – beautybay would be the best source on things you cannot get in Australia in regards to… Urban Decay Naked Palette. It was in stock for a short while before it always sells out. And by luck, I was browsing the site not long ago and saw it in stock I jumped into the opportunity of owning my own palette from Urban Decay. This is my 2nd palette from UD and I cannot be more pleased and happy. The first one was the Alice in Wonderland and I love it to bits!

So yes, after a long long wait… here it is… I finally have it in my arms, I mean… within my palms… I simply used my blackberry to take a quick shot of it before I start swatching and whatnot tomorrow…


Stare at it, stroke it if you wish… I think this palette is worth it. It’ll last you a long time and definitely shades that I wear all the time, anytime, anywhere and can’t go wrong. It includes the mini Primer Potion (handy!) and an eyeshadow brush (which I find would be very useful – since I’m not too big of a fan of the 24/7 liners since they smudge on me anyway).

If I ever fell in love with a palette at first sight – this is it. I know I’m probably one of the last people in the beauty community to have my own Naked palette but it’s been worth the wait.

Looking forward to practice my eye looks with Naked Winking smile!!!


Disclaimer: The product mentioned was purchased with my own money via beautybay.com. I receive no compensation or sponsorship. All photos are my own. Please do not use without permission.


Jen W said...

Yay! Looking forward to your looks with this

SilhouetteScreams said...

I am increasingly feeling the need to buy this palette :) At first I was like 'ehhhh I rarely do neutral looks' but lately I've been taking notice of how often my Models Prefer and NYX neutral palettes make their way into an eyeshadow look.

Can't wait to see what you come up with :) (PS BeautyBay is awesome!)

PopBlush said...

Ohhhhh~~~~~~ The Naked palette!!!

Can't wait to see EOTD with this palette babe! xo