June 16, 2011

I won a blog giveaway from Singapore

I am truly sorry for the lack of posts – I have been so unwell for the past several days with swollen glands and nasal congestions, blocked ears and I don’t want to scare you all. But I hope you all have been well?! I say, Winter may be unforgiving but that’s what skincare is for. =)

I came home today to find a parcel from Singapore and I straight away beamed in excitement – it’s my first ever blog giveaway win! I won cheryl-beauty blog giveaway recently and it’s just so exciting when you’ve won something ‘cause I’ve not won a blog giveaway before!!

So here’s what’s in the parcel: (all arrived in perfect condition)



She’s so sweet she gave me extra goodies in the goodie bag which includes:

  • Etude House Face Mask in Aloe (full size)
  • Bio-Essence BB cream sample
  • The Face Shop Arsainte Eco-Therapy Vitalist Cream sample
  • The Face Shop Arsainte Eco-Therapy Vitalist Serum sample
  • Keyring from Korea
  • A sweet handwritten letter! (Did you know I have a soft spot for handwritten snail mails letters? Now you know!!)
  • And of course the ELF bronzer itself (the star of the show)

Thank you so much to Cheryl for holding the giveaway and do check out her blog for more reviews – having based in Singapore she definitely would be able to let you in the goss of the current Asian cosmetics market especially on brands such as The Face Shop, Etude House etc. since we don’t have them here in Australia.

Stay hydrated
Much loves



Elisa ♥ said...

awesome ^^ congrats!

nisa-chan said...

wahhh selamat yaaa!!
aku blm pernah menang giveaway niihh...kayanya musti sabar ya hehehe

selamat yaa ^^

G A B Y said...

The ELF bronzer looks pretty! Great prize, congrats!

Adeline said...

Heaps of Asian goodies! Congrats love :)