June 1, 2011

Favourites of the Month of May 2011

1st of June – where has the year gone? Winter is here and it felt just like yesterday those hot summer days. The Half Yearly Clearance Sale has begun and with that the Winter holidays. Any plan for any of you? I’ll most likely be working.

So I thought what’s better to begin this month than sharing my favourites of the past month. Some newfound products that have quickly jumped up to my favourites list and I can be sure they are staying.


Want to know what I think of each product?

Go on…

1) DMK (Danne Montague-King) Alpha acu masque

I received this from our first Brisbane Beauty Bloggers Event and have only very recently managed to try it and fell in love with it. It has a herbal medicine menthol sort of scent when you first open it, but it’s nothing that bothers me, really, strangely enough it reminds me of childhood days when my grandma would rub the chinese herbal medicine ointment on me when I was feeling ill. Haha! Despite that, I felt that this mask actually worked. It cleanses my pores and evens out my skintone somehow and the feeling after using this mask was just ooh-so-nice and my face actually felt clean and looks radiant. It contains Sulfur, Kaolin, Glycerin etc… and I think I will do a more in depth review about it in the future.

2) Eyeko Fat Balm

I received this precious little bullet as birthday present from a very good friend of mine – in the shade Raspberry – and boy do I love it! I used it every single day ever since I received it, which truly did surprised and impressed me, since I did not think I would make much use of anything in terms of cream 2 in 1 product – but it really does work. It lasts all day on my cheeks and gives me a nice natural flushing from within sorta cheeks… and on my lips… it’s not drying and I like the colour. Simple as that. It is easy to apply, I just use a paddle brush and dab a bit on my cheeks and blend with a proper blush brush. Mmhhmm!

3) Malin+Goetz Lip Moisturiser

I cannot remember when was it that I received this little white tube of lip moisturiser – but it sure was one of those Mecca events and I received this in a gift bag of some sort. Anyway I was looking around for a new lip balm as Winter hits and this has surprised me. Not only it moisturises my lips it actually does create a barrier between the harsh conditions from attacking your lips. It also gives you that gloss look without it being too sticky or gooey. It does not have any scent that could make you gag either. At AUD$20 for 10g tube, this might seem like an expensive lip balm but when it does work, when it is my lips’ saviour, a product that not only moisturises, protects and gloss up your lips… I think I would repurchase. My lips have never felt this good in Winter before.

4) Everyday Minerals Kabuki Brush

Hah! If you’ve followed me for awhile you know that I started with Everyday Minerals and was quite obsessed with the Flat Top brush for the longest time and thought that the dome-shaped kabuki was not doing it for me in terms of mineral powder foundations. Guess what! I am totally in love with this brush for applying my liquid foundation – which I’ve been loving instead of mineral foundation lately. It is such a great quality brush, has not shed, no moulding either (you know when you get hairs from your brush all over your face – ugh!), easy to clean, still in perfect condition after all these times – very reasonably priced overall 10/10 and would definitely recommend and repurchase if this crumbles and falls apart on me one horrible day.

5) Illamasqua Cream Blush in Laid

This was an accidental find, I was just walking pass the Illamasqua booth at Myer Brisbane the other week and saw this on display and the sales assistant/makeup artist there told me that they are discontinuing this shade and giving it 30% off. Whaaatttt! I know, right? Anyway, she applied it on my cheeks, I went… Oohh that’s a nice pop of colour… and she applied it on my lips… I fell in love that I almost fell off the chair. It is such a gorgeous colour that brightens up my face. It is so creamy, easy to blend, glides like butter and multifunctional. Sold. Sad that it’s being discontinued though…

6) Benefit Ooh La Lift

I have this in the mini size and I swear I will be out of this by next month or maybe even before, I don’t know. I use this almost, if not, everyday these days… ever since I really liked how it brightens up my face. I use it under my eyes and on top of my cheekbones as highlight. I actually prefer this than High Beam now and hence now wondering what I’d do with my High Beam since I don’t use them anymore because this has totally taken over its place to the top level of Highlighter and Undereye brightener. Multifunctional and it’s like a little pick-me-up product. Reminder to self: must purchase the full size asap.

7) Face of Australia High Definition Liquid Eyeliner in Brown

I have this in the shade Brown and now I would like one in Black – but speaking of the brown shade, I like how easy to use this thing is! It lasts all day and is literally waterproof unless you really seriously have issues with rubbing your eyes and dunking your eyes in warm water. Okay, points aside… Easy to use, glides easily and you can layer it for a stronger colour – and this brown shade just gives me the right depth in my upper lashline (tightlining) giving it a natural everyday look if I don’t feel like having black eyeliner. Love it! Face of Australia’s products have really impressed me lately.
At only AUD$11.95, this is one liquid eyeliner I would recommend.

8) CoverGirl pencil eyeliners

I have the Perfect Blend pencil in Black Brown and LiquilineBlast in Black. Both I use alternatingly almost everyday or anytime I line my eyes. They don’t smudge as much as all the other pencil eyeliners I’ve used (yes, Urban Decay 24/7 smudges so badly on me). I can leave them as they are or set them with eyeshadows and they would last all day. Not bad… not bad at all!

9) Neutrogena Rapid Clear 2-in-1 Fight & Fade Gel with MicroClear

This is my saviour in terms of breakouts and blemishes in the past month or so when I was breaking out again recently. Somehow this works into the nasty spots without overdrying the surrounding area. I did not experience any peeling or redness. No stinging whatsoever either. This contains Salicylic Acid, Glycolic Acid and also Alpha Hydroxy Acid. Made in Canada. Definitely be repurchasing once I run out of this tube, and I’m running out!

10) Aquify Multi-Purpose Solution for Contact Lenses

Okay, now I wonder why I include this… but nevermind that, just thought I’d share what contact lenses solution I use. Haha. This is not that easy to find, though, that’s the annoying part of it. I’ve only found it at selected optometrists and when I do need it I have to chase it instead of going to the nearby chemist, ‘cause it won’t be there. I really love their cases – initially it’s white but over time it turns rather silverish gray – an indication that it’s time to change to a fresh new case! Wicked!

11) Cleansing Oil

I’ve been using Japanese cleansing oil for the past few months to remove my makeup – everything. Loving it! So far, I’ve only used Kanebo Kracie Naïve Olive and Rose (shown) and Kose Softymo (not shown) – and as you can see, I am running very low. This removes the makeup off my entire face without stripping any moisture and without harsh rubbing. I double cleanse usually anyway. I find this really handy and just much easier to use than cleansing milk on daily basis. Can be purchased from sasa or adambeauty.

So that’s it guys! What are some of product gems you found recently? Do you use cleansing oil? Share in the comment below, I’d love to hear your thoughts =)

Have a lovely month



SmolderPhloof said...

hey ho! i love illamasqua's blushes! have you tried their powder blush in Unrequited? it's ah-mazing! go to Myer tomorrow and swatch it ok.. :D

i want eyeko products!! such a shame no one sets a shop in the southern hemisphere :(

Great faves post hun...! ^_^

emmabovary said...

I need to check out my Illamasqua and see if they have any discounted cream blushes, I think I really like them. Great favourites!

Jadegrrrl said...

I love Benefit Ooh la lift too, it's a great under-eye brightener and highlighter <3

Lisa said...

I use benefit oh la lift too!! It seriously works like magic.. No one has any idea that I only slept for 4 hours hahah