February 14, 2011

What's in my makeup case

Hi everyone! Hope you all have a lovely day today. You know, one of Hallmark's famous day that's filled with roses and flowers and balloons and chocolates.

I thought I do a quick blog just to share what's in my makeup bag aka pouch, well it's a zip-up case thing...
My sister got this when she went to Malaysia and I now use it as a makeup case =) really liking it! Well, the little green turtle charm - I got it when I went to Singapore a year ago hahaha... too cute to not put him there...
What's inside...?
  • cotton tips / q-tips - handy when you need to fix something up or I don't know, just in case stuff
  • Hourglass concealer (in shade Pearl) - creamy and pigmented concealer that blends like a dream with brightening and highlighting properties. multipurpose!
  • Softlips lip balm (in French Vanilla) - keeps my lips soft and I really like the menthol feel on my lips when I apply it
  • NYX lipliner (in Natural) - when I need my lips to be more defined, especially during work days when I'm feeling a little bit blah... plus, it's close to my natural lip colour (yes, my lip is quite naturally pigmented)
  • NYX eyeliner (in Dark Brown) - been loving using dark brown shade for tightlining my upper lashline, natural yet effective!
  • A pen =) (this one is in blue black color ink!) - aah, I never know when I have something in mind that I need to write down or I need to sign something hahaha
  • Grown Vanilla & Orange Peel Hand Cream - when my hands feel a need of extra moisture or after washing my hands
  • AU$2 coin (LOL! just in case I need a change... ==" )
  • Eye drops (those single tubes)
  • Contact lens solution
  • House keys (with key covers)
  • Atomiser (contains Versace Woman) - smells goooddd
  • Oral B Satin tape strips - for those moments when something's in between your teeth hahaha
  • Maybelline Dream Matte Powder (in Fair) - HG!
  • Pocket tissues
A closer look of the lipliner...
And swatch of the eyeliner (Dark Brown), lipliner (Natural), concealer (Pearl)

Alrighty!! That's it! All wrapped! What's in your current makeup case? =) Leave a comment below or blog about it...?

Have a great week everyone!

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Zhi LEONG said...

"Malaysia" is a brand??
happy valentine :D

lisa said...

ohhh thanks for showing us what's in your makeup bag.. i love looking at stuff like that hahaha

happy valentines!!

coffretgorge said...

thanks for letting us peek into your makeup bag! i love that you have a whole pack of qtips in there! :)