February 15, 2011

What I got up to today

So I thought it was gonna be hot today, since it was rather humid and hot before I left the house... so I decided to wear... sleeveless top and jeans. Then it started pouring... and they completely went full blast with the air conditioner on the train. Gosh! I had goosebumps all over! Hahaha...

Anyway, so here's a little peek of what I wore today... with honorary mention of MAC Style blush! Oh how much I've tanned this summer... though it's actually not as tan as I used to be! I've even hold back the process by slapping on sunscreen and tried to stay in the shade but... ah well... I'll be fair again once autumn/winter hits.

MAC website describes it as (credit to maccosmetics.com.au; price is in AUD) ... bright coral-peach? I'd just say it's straight orange but it comes out peachy on me and au naturale!

You can probably see it better in this angle? (Note: I had MAC Golden Bronzing Powder as contour)
So anyway my friend and I thought we checked out this store called The Cube at Sunnybank. I've been there before, many times, but this store always changes in products they sell... well, because the way the store is laid out is that... there are cubes sections in which you can rent out to sell your products. So there are an array of products being sold there, namely Asian cosmetics. So I picked up these sheet masks - since I don't have any sheet masks and never tried these before!! I got a set of 3 for $6.60. I'd just try these first before committing to buying a whole box of them, don't you think?
And I really think the packaging is just so cute... so here's a close up...

So yeah! That's pretty much it for the masks, since I haven't used them yet! I probably try one tonight and see how it feels! Fingers cross my skin likes them!!

Do you use face masks? If so, which one you like?

signing out,

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lisa said...

i haven't started using masks.. but i would really like to especially since i always seem them on different beauty blogs..

ps. i die over your VCA necklace.. is it the magic alhambra?? it's gorgeous on you!